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  1. dacid your ragna vs chunli.... those tech traps and gimmicks AND THAT DEAD SPIKE RAPID, dacid you are my fucking hero

  2. lol I'll check it out.

  3. try looking at the ragna forums look at some combos they might interest you haha

  4. Interesting enough. lol

  5. how u likin the dl account?

  6. lmfao wtf is up with profile pic

  7. um sure just pm on my psn its genebie, add me if you want

  8. yeah utilizing it is hard but masterin it pays off BIGTIME

  9. It's waaaay good. o: Hard to use though.

  10. yeah considerin the loctest will rape but he will still be manly :P, and frkz is such a good DD sadly not many bang player use it and to those who use it are so pro :P