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  1. Yeah dude, thanks for those games. I'm trying to get better, haven't had reliable access to an Xbox in awhile, but having fun none the less. Been working on getting Belial Edge loops going, bit harder than I originally imagined.

  2. hello am xwhite box i was just wandering around dustloop and saw the post of gg's so gg's haha like 2 months ago xD anyway i hadnt seen it until now ^^ hope u got better and learned, like u said on your post ^^

  3. srry i didnt know how this thing worked, anyway yea i dont mind at all

  4. haha sure i dont mind

  5. haha, would you mind me calling you I_a on dustloop? cause every name i know you by is a thing.

  6. sure go ahead i dont mind ^^

  7. xD Didn't think you would remember and do you mind if I add you on XBL? Always looking for more people to play with and whatnot.

  8. yea i remember playing u :p and thanks iv been around but neva wanted to do an acct laziness mostly xD but yea i finally decided to make one :p

  9. We've played before I believe, right? :| I play your Ragna as Rachel on my old gt and my new one too. Welcome to Dustloop.