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    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    http://page.freett.com/henvoke/index.html I missed ggxxs1007-6, anyone have it? Also, I still can't get A-cho 2003 pack 3 and 4. Anyone willing to re-upload it or send through AIM/MSN? The download starts going and gets cut off around 100 megs for both. Dunno what's up. Older videos: I-no - *That Fuku I-no special vid with the trance music and female singer. Really short video.* Also Teiou's 2nd vid, Second Machinegun Zappa - the last carnival, Come on ghost, innang's video Venom - Ride on Shooting Star, Funny bunny Potemkin - Gwyrgyns first vid, StupidPotevid1 Chipp - ALL VIDEOS (chipp 101, short fuku compilation, Chipp - 02, Wind of Paper, etc.) May - Any vids aside from teiou and the crazy Kyonuma compilation and the 7 meg OHK combo vid Anyone have any MSY vids? I know he made some old ass ones...Johnny - O.D.R. and some multi-char cm's...
  2. Honnou

    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    2 things: I've been trying to d/l the a-cho packs and have gotten 1 and 2 of 2003 successfully. On the others though, the connection always dies at about 38% and I get a msg that the server's connection reset. Anyone else have this problem? EDIT: Alright, with a-cho, the only files I can't get are 2003 parts 3 and 4. Rest are ok. Also, I was wondering if anyone successfully got this vid: http://www.geocities.jp/godtukasa/matsusin_vs_mugen_3.zip Right now, it's just a whatever kb zip with nothing there. The link to the vid was originally in this blog: http://blog.livedoor.jp/godtukasa/
  3. Honnou

    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    Er, I'd like to make some match vid requests. 1) There have been several large files on Fujiryu's site that had a bunch of matches in one vid. I think I had 3. One was lots of Dizzy and eddie, ky, axl, etc. and another one was pretty normal but everytime sol came up, he would charge IK right away and then the match was skipped ahahah. 2) Any vids from Haitoku-Esu's site prior to Taisen 42. 3) Any taigaa vids other than gro66. I lost them all. 4) Someone with a ton of a-cho/carol vids really needs to zip them all someday. Also, with the fuku matches that selfish uploaded, there was a problem with the BA vs. AX one, s. #86 and 87 were both read as corrupt by WinRAR but 87 worked fine. 86 however cannot be skipped ahead in time, and around slightly past the start of the 3rd round, it freezes up. Just thought I'd say it.
  4. Honnou

    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    Just wanted to say so much thanks to selfish style for helping me/us out with vids. Hadn't checked the thread in awhile and I was surprised to see so much there. Oh and regarding the other I-no ones...I remember one was called "D-live", one was just called "No Limit" and there was another one a long time ago by Fuku that was really short. It was about 8000 kb, had trance/techno music with a female singer, and the opening combo is IN vs. VE: crouching venom: dash k, 5s, 2hs, s stroke the big tree, rc, dash k, 5s, 2hs, s stroke, rc, dash k, 5s, 6p, 5hs chem love or something like that. Thats just what I remember. Thanks again.
  5. Honnou

    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    My external hard drive recently lost all data, so I lost 25.6 gigs approximately of GG vids. Little by little, I'm trying to piece it all back together. If anyone wants to make almost ANY video available, it's much appreciated. For now, maybe: Johnny : WindwayWalk, Fog Parade, Reason, Sonic Blade, The Final (original or slightly re-done one, Not another side cos I have that) Baiken - The old teiou video with the Metamorphosis song Ino - Any of the original videos from Hover's site. Think there were about 4 or 5 vids and 2 vids with the air super fall glitch and the buffered air super from a ground dash. Also some of the old Fuku vids, such as a short one with trance-ish music and a female singer. Fuku match vids are great too. Dizzy - The EDEN video that was recently up, got replaced by a match vid Ky - Rosier Anji - I had one vid that was just called Anji.wmv I think, music was "Anbaransu na Kiss wo shite". Really nice vid. Zappa - recent nightmare combo vid. I also lost ALL a-cho, Carol, Haitoku E-su, Korean GGXX#R theater, old Gro__ vids from Taigaa's site, etc., so if anyone wants to zip some up and upload, that'd be appreciated. Thanks to rtl for all the help so far.
  6. Honnou

    Combo Movie Soundtracks

    I still need the song name (or artist) to Johnny CM "Funky Illusion". They do say "funky" a lot in the song, but I haven't been able to find anything so far. And I've tried google searching what little I can make of the lyrics but no luck.
  7. Honnou

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    I'm about as SOCAL as it gets, all the way over near San Francisco....