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  1. So we can proudly say we're CRAPCOM free but not CAPCOM free. Or rather, we play good-era Capcom games. It is true though that nobody comes to our tournaments for the sole purpose of playing mainstream games. We could be more creative and kick a ball with a character's face on it from a game we don't feature
  2. ^ Showcasing one game every time takes the "BB problem" (6 hours of one game, very little of another) and rotates the problem monthly. The above sounds great, and if it isn't too hard to pull off, should definitely be the standard.
  3. I can if someone will give me a ride from daly city
  4. Where: 125 Coronado Ave, Daly City CA 94015 When: Friday the 16th(tomorrow), 7pm~Whenever SBO is over + after party What I need from You (guests): Drinks (beer is super, soda is ok, chips+salsa please especially pico de gallo) Hard Liquor is also a plus! At least one person to bring extra supplies such as paper towels and disposable cups! A large monitor and necessary cables to hook up laptop to, if possible (my laptop is available, I do have a CRT-style monitor as backup) It'd also be nice for each guest to donate something small, such as $1 to whoever buys the Nico points to view SBO! It might be me, or might be someone else! Let's enjoy a great showtime :3
  5. TONE ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!? I'm so sorry Shoutouts to everyone who came and made it a good night, even if SBO had so much dead time for a pay-per-view stream Thanks again to Tenkai for providing the stream $$, and hope the food and drinks made up for it!
  6. That's the spirit, I want a good turnout tonight :D you can pass out here i don't mind
  7. for later reference, if you guys need it cell: 510 502 8269
  8. Do a kickstarter paypal and we'll get you here
  9. http://iplaywinner.com/news/2011/9/15/how-to-purchase-nico-nico-points-to-view-sbo-2011.html Also, Vineeth if you can come that'd be great. It'd be real easy if you carpool! If I confirm that SJ crew is coming, I'll try to get you in contact with them
  10. SBO viewing party at my house tmrw whee Click me
  11. Quick fix to what was said earlier, but Baiken's grab range isn't as bad as Chipp's, who in fact has the smallest throw range in the game (but the fastest speed to go along with it, making it perfectly viable for tick set ups)
  12. Hey I was wondering if you had the original files for the OUTSTANDING COMBO CLIPS ac combo vids for all characters? I was going through my folders and it seems I only have half the cast. PM me if you can help

  13. Good to know! Rest assured, the event overall was actually one of the better tourneys I've been to, despite its hiccups, and was enjoyed by all. Looking forward to what future NCIs have in store.
  14. First things first. Shoutouts to FINEST KO stream and staff for making it possible to share NCI with the world. Shoutouts to Katana Dash for holding down GG brackets (or should we call them BROKEits?), and OrionxElite+Rin+Willy+everyone else who helped keep an eye on BB. Shoutouts to people who weren't staying over at my house who decided to stay over at my house. Shoutouts to CHICKEN 'N' WAFFLES!!! (you know what the N stands for) Shoutouts to Chun, and to Myung for the venue, making NCI possible in the first place. The event was definitely a success in my eyes, and couldn't have been without your help. Shoutouts to doing Alex v Hugo's IIIrd Strike intro with Coopa in real life, and to a good following match. Shoutouts to Myung's ice cream X-factor power-up. Shoutouts to EvilRod for taking 1st place at GG, I'll beat you one day... Shoutouts to PNW for being really cool, glad Spark didn't come so black people could get paid. Shoutouts to GG players, keep it up and maybe we'll even get our good matches and not our shitty ones streamed. OTL Shoutouts to shtkn, you looked so happy during Catherine hahaha... So, I don't see any discussion on this in this thread, but we need to talk about the allotted stream time for each game, ESPECIALLY for SUPER NCI's with larger turnouts. While the tournament was a large success overall, I feel that the stream was a big failure (for equal-ish distribution, not hype) not because of any one individual's fault or FINEST KO's, but because of an overall lack of planning for large numbers of (late) entrants. I can't say I'm without my own bias, but even a non-GG player could say it felt really apparent when GG winners finals-losers finals-grand finals took up under 10-ish minutes total, after what felt like 2 or more hours of waiting. There were some amazing quarter finals for the game that would've looked great on stream, but I feel that an exceptionally large BB turnout and making room for Catherine in addition to our already established lineup threw a lot of things off course. No hate, as I entered both of those games. Can I get some stats on how long each game was streamed? How long does it realistically take to switch from PS2->Next-gen console stream setup and vice versa? Do we need to start even earlier? Or work faster/more efficiently? We need to take a look at our past mistakes so we can have a better overall flow of streaming and less waiting in between games. As the streamers know more than me, I don't really have much in the way of suggestions, other than we create a few different formats for stream-allotment, for when we have a normal amount/insane amount of entrants, kind of like a work schedule for big retail days. If anyone has any ideas/criticism, please share and let's make this even better for the future. And, finally, take this generally, with a grain of salt, as this was a Super NCI and I guess it's expected to go overtime. Just thinking aloud because of how late norcal.jpg is with even an average tourney. EDIT: Maybe we should just DQ people who don't show up, EVO style, and turn 50 man tourneys into 5 man ones
  15. real talk you could bart to daly city, hang with me and PNW tomorrow, even crash, and get a ride to NCI
  16. Ride BART? Also, isn't Whiteboywilly from newark? NETWORK!
  17. Sounds so HYPE! BTW Gathering at my house in Daly City! PM/Txt me @5105028269 for le details
  18. Honnou

    [AC] Video Posting Thread

    I'd love for you to say that after you fight him yourself :P He performed just fine in #Reload vs Ogawa's Eddie.
  19. I just want revenge on Coopa after an embarrassing tager vs tager match at evo. fuck patience
  20. ehuangsan gets to pick teams second in nba jam. also, gathering nau at my place, til whenever
  21. Honnou

    Honnou Bi-weekly GO! Stay sharp in summer!

    Gathering today (Saturday) from 1pm @ 125 Coronado Ave, Daly City for 3s, GG, MVC3, SFAE, Deadliest warrior whatever Need more tvs/monitors
  22. Does Super NCI HAVE to be on the 27th?? I'd really love to go but that day is だめ
  23. Gathering still going on tonight 8pm-whenever