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  1. I have to replay/enter training mode to test some things here myself, but I'll list a few notes I have from playing my friend who mains Justice.

    6321466 (dash momentum HCL) is really nice to master for this matchup, as HCL punishes Justice hard for doing the Napalm bomb but doesn't go full screen.

    Whatever you do, do not try to 6p Justice's j.HS, it just doesn't work. Pre-emptive j.p/AA Force Break/AA VCL/air IB then air throw or ground throw/backdash etc. is way better.

  2. I-no wiki updated with Combos (including glossary and optimal starters). I've done meterless, 6frc6, and FB as of now, with sub-categories.

    If something is missing and you can edit, please do so but be sure to place the combo in its respective category and follow the already established format for uniformity.

    Damage values coming soon! -- If you are feeling up to the challenge of testing the combo damage values for the combos (all tested already since they are actual options I use all the time), please use a uniform Damage/Guts/Hitbox character like Testament, Faust, Sol or Zappa. Please place damage value after last value on the combo annex at the end/bottom of every combo.

    ie. [MS, KD, 25%, 225dmg]

    Glossary is before combo section for your reference.

    Thanks guys, let's make the wiki THE go-to-place for relevant I-no combo knowledge and information.

    No, thank you for putting a lot of work in, especially in my absence. Added a super combos section, feel free to expand on it. I put in a few basic ones and will add more as I go along.

  3. I drilled these for awhile and compared them to my ability to escape with reversal backdashes, and found that I actually had more success with the chemical loves, for what it's worth. The directional input buffer on special moves lingers a bit, so I think it's just a matter of whether or not you're more comfortable inputting a button press or a backdash with reversal timing. Play around with the recording feature and experiment for yourself!

    Reversal backdashes and reversal Gold burst are both specific 1-frame timing. Technically, special moves should be too, but due to Guilty Gear's buffering system, a special with reversal timing is more lenient, and somewhere around 2~3 frame timing. I don't know the exact math or why, but a special is always easier to reversal than BD/Burst

  4. I-no is tied (with slayer i believe) for the second best backdash in the game in terms of invul, and tied with May for the second best air grab in the game in terms of range. If your movement is on point you will be dodging/grabbing everything, which is paramount since her defensive game is really limited/just plain bad outside of her supers.

    In terms of Invul, it'd actually be 1) Pot 2) Slayer and 3) I-no. Overall I'd say the best backdash in the game is Zappa (same backdash frames as Potemkin (21f total, 20 invul) but divided in 2 (so Zappa is 11f total, 10 invul), so it's harder to air throw/bait punish), then Potemkin (lol technically the most invul but easiest to see and punish), then Slayer then I-no/Robo-Ky/May.

  5. P-dive? practice practice...

    P-dive, airdash j.s is easy, but you should always practice with j.hs since it's tight and helps you perfect your timing. and your input should be 236P (bounces) input one 6 slightly too early, input 6 + hs right after that, at least thats how I do it. Try to watch I-no bounce off and find a visual timing cue that works for you.

  6. Here is my breakdown...

    If you're using VCL as a "poke" to fish out something, it's most optimal to use it at a time when you're opponent is likely to mash, say a poke or throw. This happens often when you're landing.

    Hover dash in with j.hs as an example, and as you're landing, buffer the VCL. There is a trick to doing this right. Buffer it too late, and you'll see I-no will do the VCL in place with very little or no hover-dash momentum left over. Chances are the VCL didn't even touch the opponent due to pushback from your hover-dash normal. Buffer it faster, but still as you land, and you'll see I-no move forward quite a bit as you do the VCL. Buffer it perfectly and you'll see her do VCL but it'll land her on the other side of the opponent (at least it did on a somewhat short character like Ky). Or maybe I was barely airborne, it's hard to tell for me, harder to tell for the opponent lol. Anyways if the VCL connects, best combo is definitely FRC buffered S-kyogen (S-Dive), land 5k HCL 6FRC6 etc. as it's universal. On light characters, VCL on land, 6FRC6 (possible because you have auto-JI from hover-dash), j.s j.hs etc.

    The VCL that makes you land on the other side always occurs if you have hover-dash momentum and are airborne. Cool uses if the VCL is blocked include:

    hoverdash j.k VCL FRC j.k(crosses up) combo

    hoverdash j.k VCL FRC airdash backwards j.d (crosses up to original position, you may need some more height on the hoverdash to pull this off)

    hoverdash j.k VCL FRC airdash backwards j.k (if they expect the above, or mash throw if they expect you to land)

    hoverdash j.k VCL FRC go low with 2k/2s

    with less momentum hoverdash j.k VCL j.k can stay on the same side too, first j.k is of course replaceable with other air normals

    Basically 3:03 in this video onwards...

  7. Good stuff Mynus, I feel kinda guilty having known about some of these since #R or Slash lol...

    I should do a brief combo writeup on 6p 5hs IAD combos


    vs PO: Midscreen 6p 5hs IAD j.k j.s j.hs land 5p sjc j.p j.s j.hs k dive (depending on distance from corner) OR HCL frc airdash j.hs k dive

    vs PO: near corner or corner, 6p 5hs IAD j.k j.s j.hs land 5s© VCL 5s© SJC j.s j.hs k dive

  8. I actually found the timing he was doing, it was basically just a real quick fluid 669, 56. No timing for height requirement needed really. Got it super low to the ground off the dash and real fast.

    BTW yeah i got raped by school so I forgot about it lol. Thanks for reminding me I really want to do it.

    Mynus, let me know if it's a lot of work and you want to split the translation load too. I do translation as a side job so it's no biggie.

  9. I-no:

    *No word if previous changes to Horizontal Chemical Love wall bouncing are still present. (I will update at loketest)*

    System Changes:

    • Tension gain from dash up from 30 -> 35
      • Can now Air-dash twice (Ground dash -> airdash -> airdash possible)
        • Airdash length increased from 18 -> 21 frames (possibly more time to do fast-fall CL?)


          • now force prorates 90% (not cool)

            • hitbox extended horizontally

              • recovery down 6f -> 1f O_o (spam!!!)
                • forced prorate down 50 -> 60%

                  • moves her forward more
                    • recovery down 23f -> 17f

                      • hitbox extended vertically (no more special Sol/HOS combos?)

                        • now a 2hit move again! first hit active on frame 7


                          Kyougen (Dive):
                          • K version untech time increased 17f -> 30f almost double (guaranteed knockdown pretty much)
                            • S version 80% proration added

                              • HS version movement faster; can pass thru opponent; dmg up 20x3 -> 25x3

                              Chemical Love:

                              [*] hitbox around Ino's body larger now (lol sick)

                              [*]Air K Chemical Love complete move duration now 42 frames?! 30f -> 42f

                              [*]Air S version now 40 frames; 35f -> 40f?

                              Stroke The Big Tree:

                              [*]General hitbox smaller

                              [*]S version now staggers, HS version now floats (reverse from AC)

                              [*]HS version 2nd frc point now after hit

                              [*]prorate 90%

                              [*]jump cancellable on hit (o_O lolz)

                              Force Breaks:

                              [*]FB dive...6-9f invul (YES!)

                              [*]force prorate 90%

                              [*]can stop movement mid move with P,K,S,HS cancel

                              [*]dmg up 14x5 -> 20x5

                              Thanks so much for the translation, I'll keep my eye out for other new info, but seeing as how you're in J-land, you'll most likely beat me to the bunch

  10. Slashback is 100% worth trying to get in special situations, where opponents do a move that has tons of recovery, but is hard to punish. That way, even if you miss, you won't eat a combo, unless you slashback too early. Aim for exact timing, also, slightly late slashback attempts won't get you hurt at all.

    Best examples:

    Badlands/TK Badlands 2nd hit

    Stun dipper 2nd hit (when Ky won't frc the stun dipper but does it spaced out, making it hard to punish)

    Sol no frc gunflame when used for pressure but you're too close to jump out.

    Johnny wake up super

    May whale super

    **I'll add more later**

    None of the above are very hard with practice. Just make sure you're confident with GG basics and slashbacks in general before you attempt them in matches, like Amadeous said above.

  11. Jump forward, IB his 6hs, even in strings to get a guaranteed throw punish.

    Alternatively, IB the hit right before he strings to 6hs (2nd hit of 2hs, 5hs, etc.) and you can jump combo him out of 6hs (moderately difficult).

    If he strings into bomber from say a point blank 5k tk bomber, you can him out of the bomber before it comes down.