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  1. Gil

    Void, void, voiddd(+1 x3) when can you go to AI? finally feel comfortable enough on stick, but don't want to go and have nobody to play, ._.;

  2. void

    [CSE] Video Discussion Mk.II

    Buppa wtf are you
  3. Thank you I appreciate it :3

  4. Alright my friend, here you go: plat1.gif You might like this one too: plat2.gif

  5. Thanks I appreciate it =)

  6. It is. I'll try to get it back to you by tomorrow night.

  7. zxvb7qjpg.gif Thanks, here you go.....is it possible to slow it down a bit
  8. Could you make me another avatar please xD

  9. Sorry man, I thought it was just gonna be a humble meetup. I didn't think It was something so intricate. We'll be ready when you are.

  10. We got like 5 people in our scene. It could also be argued that there are actually 6 people. les'see, do you live close to the crenshaw mall? Are you closer to downtown perhaps?

  11. nice avatar, where's it from? Also, since your in L.A; any chance we can do locals?

  12. void

    NO! I don't wanna lol...I'll get on =)

  13. Gil

    |: get on msn