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  1. Wanko


    I wonder if there will ever be a tier list Dustloop can accept.
  2. Wanko

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    ...isn't that what Blazblue is doing?
  3. Late shoutouts to everyone that was there for being friendly and sociable even to newcomers to tourney scene like me. Signed up as CX and was (one of) the free mu-12 that somehow got a little somewhere (thanks to early DQ ), but best of all was the mad hype and gdlk commentary generated at BBCS station. Shoutouts to Render probably losing his voice trying to get people to their matches. Left before I had the chance to say this to you MikeZ but I had a blast playing Skullgirls and am looking forward to hog it at future events/the final product.
  4. Tokido only plays Blazblue tokidoki. *bum bum tsh*
  5. This is important. Tokido and I touched.
  6. Tokidoesnotevenplaythisgame won!???
  7. SenaXLuna but if you're Ragna5B too then... gottdayum. OTL
  8. Had me at Justin Bieber though I want to hang around zong just to sneak glances at his sticks anyway </homo>. Also I think I played you on PSN the other day if you remember playing and pressuring a mu until she died. =(
  9. Yo dawgs, I'm gonna be running down to SCR for BBCS myself. I am pretty much a nobody here and am terrible at this game and this will be the first big tournament I'll participate in. Anything helpful I should know/people I can stand by to not look too much like a loser?
  10. Wanko

    BBCS2 Loketest 4: Oct. 23 Discussion (NO COMPLAINING)

    I actually have to block mixups now!? This outraaaage!!! Seriously have you guys played any game that isn't Blazblue where most normals aren't air blockable? Goddayum at least you have easy mode barrier guard.
  11. Wanko

    BBCS LokeTest 3: Oct. 16th, 2010 Discussion

    Finally it's Melty Blaz. mu's 3C also techable like the others, which is actually more similar to a traditional sweep in my and apparently ASW's eyes in that they'd most likely tech neutral giving you somewhat sweepkizeme.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but according to this (3Cはいつも通り地上受け身不能だよ!他キャラとは違うんです) I believe Carl's 3C is always emergency untechable. Combined with 3D that forces standing... Carlkizeme is now even scarier...!?
  13. Wanko

    [CS1] Mu-12 Oki and Setups Guide

    lol crossunder and over: whatever > 6C > 5D > crossunder dash2D > cross back over IAD44 > j.2C > steins or j.236D etc. Also probably known but Omohikane in the corner forces your opponent's position just a bit away from the wall (sorta like MBAA's vSion's 623C) allowing you to ambiguously cross up (IAD or superjump) if they like to neutral tech. Or a simple 5D > 623C pretty much option selects most wake up options.