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  1. I can think of one exception (in terms of level of dedication), but yeah. No, you totally look better without the hair.

  2. Well, like I said, players of all games are equally dedicated, just because they play a game you don't respect doesn't mean you don't respect THEM as a player. I don't know if I agree about looking better without hair.

  3. Congrats on getting SG to EVO and good on you for not a jerk towards SSBM like everybody else. As shitty as Melee is, I still love it. Also you look better without hair.

  4. Mike Z

    ACCENT CORE General Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoeM_zDGRCM#t=3m51s YOOOOOOOOO.
  5. Hot damn, that's COOL! <3 Now you can see why HOS can FD to avoid slidehead, and all the little extra hitboxes they added in moves when they didn't make contact where expected. (Some of 'em look kinda sloppy, heh.) It's also interesting to see how they handled things like Pot's 2H or 2S, where the hit area morphs over time.
  6. Mike Z

    ACCENT CORE General Discussion

    Circ, Robo is right. (O.o) From frame data, Pot's 2K is a Lv2 attack which gives it 12f of hitstun vs standing. [link] From Pot's frame data, 2D and far S have 12f startup, whereas 2H has 13f. [link] 2K->far S and 2K->2D both combo, but 2K->2H doesn't. Meaning that in GG frame data an attack with 12f of hitstun combos into an attack with 12f of startup, so the last 'startup' frame is really the first active frame. BUT HOW DOES THIS WORK WITH YOUR VISUAL RESULTS? Well, I'll tell ya, since it works the same way in SG so I can explain it. (^.^) In lots of games such as 3s/MvC2/SG and now apparently GG, frame 12 is the first active frame but the hit detection is done after the characters are advanced on that frame, so it SHOWS the hit on frame 13 since that's when everyone reacts...but if you held Back to block on frame 13, you would still have been hit since the hit actually came out and made contact on the previous frame. Make some sense? So if they did the frame data by gauging it visually when it looks like it hits, they would list the attack as having 12f of startup because visually the opponent reacts on 13, but what's really happening inside the engine is that the opponent is getting hit on frame 12 after everyone is advanced, thus the reaction happens visually on the next frame. Frame 12 is the last frame of hitstun (so on 13 they would be in idle stance if the they weren't hit), but it is also the first frame the next attack goes active, though the actual "did anyone hit" calculation is done after all the sprites are advanced for that frame. [edit] And so, in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Reload (whew), Pot should be able to do 5P->2S vs air.
  7. Mike Z

    ACCENT CORE General Discussion

    See, this is why I asked. I thought SF treats it that way, but GG treats it as startup is never active...I always get confused.
  8. Mike Z

    ACCENT CORE General Discussion

    5P 13f untech = combos into far S, 2H, and j.K, as well as APB and HPB. And the new 1f-faster 2S?! I forget if 13f startup in GG terms means hits on 14, or hits on 13. 2P hitting low is nice, it's long but 5K is still faster, hah. 6H, "initial prorate" means only when starting a combo, right? Not forced max anytime the move hits? So then comboing into it is still same dmg. Heh heh, faster IK activation... Is 2D->Giganter possible without OTGing?
  9. its good to hear that you can enter SG tournaments now, after all, you made the game that you want to play, and people not letting you to do it is just :/ now hearing that you are not enjoying P4U to much is bad to hear, but its understandable, not every game is able to appeal us, and sometime it can take some time and GGXXAC+R would be godlike when it gets released though im still worried with the changes of Testament and Justice, more with Justice than anything :/ Chipp sound great so far :)

  10. I can enter SG tournaments now, well it's still up to the organizers but I've been entering WNFs...and I haven't really enjoyed P4U much in the time I've played it, so I dunno about that yet. I will of course give it a shot, but GGAC+R!

  11. i have been wondering 2 things are you still unable to play SG on tournaments? are you going to play P4U?

  12. Ey, so this thread is dead as heck. Maybe I should try taking over, because I want to play GG. WHO WANTS A GG TOURNAMENT TODAY (July 22nd) AT 5 PM? Tell ya what, I'll show up from 5-6, and if we don't get any people by 6 then I'll consider it a huge failure. (^.^) I'll be out of town next weekend, but I'm up for organizing one in two weeks (Aug 4th) as well.
  13. So apparently I'm going to FFA like, really soon here on Sat. WHO WANTS PLAY GG?
  14. Mike Z

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Slidehead FRC, 6H wallbounce? The hell? Half of these look neat but the other half look, well...
  15. Like, today? A day when most people will be at SanoCon? You should have made it tomorrow...