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    [CS] Beginner Mechanics (The more you know!)

    Can someone explain a fatal counter to me? And does it affect the game anyhow? Damage? Combos? Wttf is it
  2. I do got msn but I don't have internet right now except on my fone so I don't get on messenger much

  3. Nah ?last game was just broken. This ones better. I'm kune for life anyways. He's just too good and I can't use anyone else anyways

  4. I don't know. Last game was just broken. This game is more balanced. I luv kune too much and I can't use anyone else

  5. No no, I'm aware of that. It's like in the past game there were 1001 ways to lead into one thing but now it's gotten pretty minimal. So I'm losing interest. -Tha Hindu

  6. Your crazy tush..... it just takes more skill to use him now that's all

  7. What does wearing a backpack have to do with touching myself? o.O ROFL.

  8. Nah, unfortunately not. I mean, I'll still use him as a sub but everything he has is so limited now. Like ways to do things etc. It's just gotten boring playing him. -Tha Hindu

  9. Yeah, I do but haven't really been playing. No comp here :sad:. I'm waiting for Valkenhayne so I can get back in this mess. -Tha Hindu

  10. You a lie. Saw you that day of the a ufo stream never took that fucking back pack off. Fucking ninja turtle, lol

  11. Haha no. I've seen a few minutes of a couple of them. Definitely not. I wouldn't even finish watching them.

  12. Does an idol dvd count as "a little more"? Muawhahaha

  13. Haha, it would take a little more than a girl in a bikini to get me to touch myself. >.>

  14. I know you touch your self to them!