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  1. On 11/17/2015, 11:59:38, Clamper said:

    I'd rather have a 24f-ish unsafe overhead, honestly. He already got much better okis safe against reversals like 6H and Stun Edge HS. I'm not saying the dust is terrible, the range is a very good thing about it, but it just saddens me that every little change they do on Revelator ends up being bad for Ky like Blitz charge and now this. 

    youve picked the wrong character then, ky's dust has always been a flaming pile of garbage

  2. I'm always kind of wary of attributing choices to playstyle, because if you ask a player why they did something, they can usually give a concrete reason beyond "it's my style", like "it's good because it's meter efficient" or whatever. You might be right that it plays to his individual strengths as a player, though.

    i think its a well known fact for years that ain likes to force yomiai situations, ernest pointed this out in one of the matchup video posts recently too

    ain's confident in winning these guessing situations, and overall they are somewhat more rewarding because of either more +gb before or cranking up their gb even higher for more damage off the next hit etc

  3. ciel only combos arent max damage because you need some sort of filler to launch them back up, ending with 2hs(2)>ciel>2hs(1or2)>ciel however is the max damage option in most cases

    for example on sol and sin throw rc>dash 5hs>ciel>2hs1>ciel>2hs1>gs>2hs1>hsvt>5hs>ciel is 1 point higher than throw rc>dash 5hs>ciel>2hs1>gs>ciel>2hs2>ciel>2hs2>ciel and if you do ciel only you'd only get a maximum of 3 ciels and miss out on a fair chunk of damage on top of the total amount of -gb just from doing a bunch of 2hs2

  4. faust is a pile of dog shit and loves dodging ciel so max is probably dust>homing dash>j.shsd>6hs>3hs>delay hsvt>2hs2>ciel for 146

    stable combos on him are dust>homing dash>c.s>6p>2hs2>gs>c.s>2hs1>hsvt>delay c.s>ciel and dust>homing dash>c.s>6p>c.s>2hs2>gs>delay 2hs>hsvt>5hs>ciel both for 142 but even then they're not completely stable because of how retarded his aerial hitbox is

  5. your oki section really lacks on some very important things such as sliding cse, rising and falling j.d, safe jumps, low air dash j.s/2s off sweep/air hit ciel, tk s se


    you should add in basic blockstrings like 2p delay c.s and f.s 2s etc these 2 are very important in ky's katame


    you should probably go over situational anti airs, such as using 5p, svt/hsvt against crossups, and etc


    if ppl want i can post some optimized combos off common starters like throw rc, dust homing dash, gs, stuff into slide, etc