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    [VS] General Discussion

    DCC7 Teams 37) TKM (ZA), Kabe (QB) 36) Nagasuta (AN), No teammate yet 35) Hayashi(?) (LL), Fumiwo (FE) 34) Chapa (DE), Nishiken (MO) 33) Kanou (SA), Yoru (DE) 32) Honkawa (SA), Azuwan (QB) 31) Jikyou (GA), Horikku (QB) 30) T2YA (ZA), No teammate yet 29) Kowappa (SA), Kazu (AN) 28) Chikkyu (AN), Shuu (BI) 27) Fumio (AN), 19-year-old (VI) 26) Fugo (LL), Hoe (JE) 25) Shine (SA), Irifune (possiburu Nyuusen) (ZA) 24) Sai (DE), Yumi (FE) 23) Kurono (possibly) (ZA), Eiyama (LL) 22) Ao (GA), Ushibii (LI) 21) Seri (MO), Ninety-nine (LL) 20) Uminoko (AU), Komemaru (ZA) 19) Hisashi (LL), Guratan (FE) 18) Takahashi (GA), No teammate yet 17) Sebone (GA), Sigsig (BU) 16) Yuki (LL), Shin Cradle (LL) 15) Gobu (ZA), Paprika (DE) 14) Sagat (GA), Vega (ZA) 13) MAB (GA), Kimu (LI) 12) Rine (FE), Okekebi (SA) 11) Orecon (SA), No teammate yet 10) Shimatsuya (JE), Kaji (LI) 9) Funou (QB), Toma (BU) 8) Ora-Q (QB), Hai-iro (AU) 7) Kame (VI), Teitoku (JE) 6) Benzo (JE), Rantei (BI) 5) Aojiru Zabel (ZA), Megane (DE) 4) Koshou (BU), Nakanishi (BI) 3) Dara (DE), No teammate yet 2) DD (SA), Sakamoto (QB) 1) KEN (GA), Ego (LL)

    [P4A] Elizabeth Combo Thread (Updated 5/19/13)

    Garu's like driving a boat. For the SB Garu combos, I alternate 8 or 9 depending on spacing, and then 2 for the last few hits. Then I link j.236D[2], and hold 2 or 3. This is so they fall into the last hit of garu, bouncing up, so I have enough time to link 5a after garu's long recovery. Really it seems you can do anything as long as they fall into j.236D's last hit, because then you'll have enough time for a link.

    [VS] General Discussion

    ^ I'll do my best. To be honest it's gonna take me a few days. My finals are at the end of this week, I'll make it a weekend project. Thanks for the upload dude!

    [VS] General Discussion

    How many pages are these interviews? I'd like to take a look prease!

    [VS] Video Thread

    Hey guys. I've been working on a Vampire Arcadia's 5th tutorial video with Kyle and another player, Bonclyde, from the Cinci scene. Knowing how to rock renda is pretty important for a lot of characters in Vsav; check it out and let me know what you think. All comments are appreciated, thanks guys.
  6. powerup 2010 must've been pretty hype


    [VS] General Discussion

    just to clarify, the both the fetus and train stages are on the arcade cab, but they don't appear in versus play. iirc they're sub-boss demitri and the vampire savior hisself's stage, jedah.
  8. Hey man, long time no see. Sorry I missed the June tourny up in C-Bus. Think you or any other Cbus cats are gonna make it down to Cinci for RocketPunch? I'm dying to play some BB again.

  9. Hey guys, Reading the Rachel Sanctuary's numerous iterations kept me smiling throughout CS1. Now that the nightmare's over, I just wanted to say thanks for the luls. :3

    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    Hey, I like the new themes! If you want some constructive criticism (I know, everyone has some to give), I have a few remarks I hope you find helpful. Basically my complaints are all about the contrast of the text to the background and how it bothers me to read. I circled in red things I think can be improved. (Nitpicky) The selected tab at the top (home, forum, etc) is a little too low contrast. (Nitpicky) The white border on the grey bar against the dark grey is a bit jarring. The blue on dark gray is too much contrast for the font size. However, the same blue on a more mid tone grey is too low contrast to read. - Imho, that vibrant blue isn't working as a font color. As a disclaimer, I prefer lighter forum backgrounds. The colors are attractive together as a design but not to read on for me. I really like the Sol one. The sandy colors blend well with each other while remaining distinct, so the contrast the red offers feels purposeful. The only thing on it that I think needs fixing is on the options panes, the red on dark grey background is uncomfortable to read. Tager is solid. The colors work together and don't conflict. The options panes are a little too low contrast but definitely readable. - The only real error in any of your designs is found in Tager. The blue exclamation mark on the bottom left of posts shows up, and I don't think you want it there. No blue elsewhere in the design, etc. I hope this helps. Good work! User interfaces require a lot of work Is there I way I can hide the image? Don't want to take up a ton of room on this page. Thanks.