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  1. Why the hell is your avatar Barney. I meant to ask this a long time ago.

  2. coolklm121

    South Carolina?

    venom is one of the most interesting and awesome characters i've ever seen in a fighting game.
  3. coolklm121

    South Carolina?

    which parts exactly, my guilty knowledge is lacking.
  4. coolklm121

    South Carolina?

    Hey you guys should read the article on the front page of Dustloop called going back to Guilty. It's basically what i've been noticing about blaze, and why i've been getting less interested and trying to find another game.
  5. coolklm121

    South Carolina?

    lol I watched some of the SBO qualifiers and it looks pretty tight. I think i might mess around with valkenhayn a little bit. After KOF, arcana heart, guilty, and melty, playing blaze is so easy man. It's like its slow motion for me right now. i also wish i had a ps3 so i could play on pad. Melty really brings back memories of smash tho. I wanna practice combos. none of the games i like are very popular unfortunately.... even guilty is becoming a very niche game...
  6. coolklm121

    South Carolina?

    I keep forgetting this website has an SC thread, lol, ok so arcana heart is fucking awesome, guilty is fucking awesome, i'm hoping that this new melty blood game isn't stupid because (I know that no one will agree) that game is very fun to me. Also, if Project melee actually gets a community, y'all might not see me for a while, unless y'all end up playing it too which would be fucking wonderful just so you know. Smash is not for the feint of heart.
  7. coolklm121

    South Carolina?

    I don't see why we're on both of these websites...
  8. coolklm121

    South Carolina?

    @ Spring_Raid haha GG and TVC are the only games i even have for the wii. I'm still new with both but i'm def learnin. I will def be at the ranbat tomorrow as well, gotta get there early for smash. My alias is Guide or ThaGuide or anything "guide" related, tis a reference from when I was in bootcamp. What do you guys go by?
  9. coolklm121

    South Carolina?

    I just moved from florida, i'm in the columbia/cayce area and i want to play some guilty gear. I have it 4 the wii tho.... srryz. I also gotz tvc, and for 360 i haz kof 2002 and 98, NGBC, and MVC2. I also have smash which is my "country" of origin...If anyone wants to play any of these games I am down!