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  1. >ekusu... karibaaaaaaaaa that name

  2. If your account has BlazBlue CP and Terumi on it and you deactivate it on your friend's ps3, he won't be able to play BBCP anylonger.
  3. EkusuKariba

    BBCS LokeTest 2: Oct. 8th, 2010 Discussion (NO COMPLAINING)

    well it was meant to be an antiair so it was "ok" i guess.
  4. EkusuKariba

    [CS2] Noel Changelog Loketest 1-5

    this is just stupid.
  5. your avatar is awesome.

  6. EkusuKariba

    BBCS LokeTest 2: Oct. 8th, 2010 Discussion (NO COMPLAINING)

    yes. she gets that 3~4k dmg off random D mashing only against players who get hit by random D mashing.
  7. EkusuKariba

    [CS2] Litchi Changelog

    somehow makes me sad. i spend a lot of time learning all the ItsuuC-Combos and also Itsuu-A-Loops. now they just remove them? this is like Noel BC-Loop again.. First I only read about the j.C.. which made me rage a bit.. but well, I could somehow understand it. Now this Itsuu-Change?? Something is wrong here.
  8. it's the same. just delay the j.C after j.B. Don't do it instantly. Maybe try to hit j.B as late as possible.
  9. EkusuKariba

    [CS1] Noel Guide

    Yeah. Haida Looping is much easier than it was in CT. But I still can't get into the Loop, when I hit the Dummies point blank with 3C. 3C 22BC 66C 22B 22BC... This is where I whiff all the time, when I hit my enemies point blank with 3C. If I do it from (nearly) max range, I always get the 22B to hit though. Is there a specific trick to avoid this? 22B will simply not hit.