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  1. I love fighting games too. But I don't try and change and twist the awesomeness of Catherine into a fighting game cause to me it's something for story....not mindless Marvel'ing xD

  2. I'll see you there, then :v I think the only problem we're having over Catherine is how you're looking down on what other people enjoy it as. You use a lot of negative words where I don't think you mean as much offense as is shown. For example, "Reduced to a fighting game" doesn't feel right to me, because fighting games are my life, and personally when something becomes a fighting game I see it as "elevated". But I won't impose that on you, and instead just say it's much better to stay away from connotations concerning what other people like

  3. Yeahhhh my life is crap xD. But I'm good now, getting hormones and shit in a couple of months~ ALSO there better be another Canada Cup next year cause I'm definitely gonna be making it out cause I'm moving to Edmonton next Autumn, according to Ben your ass is gonna be there. And I trust Ben so your ass better be there. BTW I am Colette so if like...my little Catherine debate with you annoys you...I just hate Catherine being reduced to like something it's not. Cause I love the damn game....but it's like a horror puzzle elemented story driven game with some multiplayer aspects. Not a fighting game D:

  4. Why is that.. that sounds awful. I'm really sorry to hear that. :[ But at least glad you have such a good friend.

  5. Oh haha...Y'know Dacidbro, I'm never going to be better...cause I'm such a broken and damaged person that my best friend is the only reason I'm still living :c

  6. Get well soon, I got sick too x_x

  7. Sorry that I couldn't make it out, I was sick D: Also lolyoushitbricksat toonies, you silly ammuricanz with your 2$ billz

  8. Canada Cup is looking to be hype, I think all the fun is gonna be after the tournament though :3.

  9. Ohh. That's embarrassing. o_o That timeshare guy ripped me off bad

  10. Cause everyone in Canada lives in igloos, right?

  11. D: I should come up with a witty tag for Canada Cup