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  1. I'll play with you sometime. Sorry, I didn't see the message when you sent it, I was absorbed in a combo video to said game. I am having a friend show me stuff about it tomorrow night, I am excited to receive a one on on lesson in the game. Also apparently we need to clear our inboxes or something...

  2. Sorry no Winner's, Soomin is gonna be busy at work for a week or two :(

  3. is that Freddie Mercury

  4. English isn't your first language? You do very well. What I'd give to speak a second language...

  5. Nope still alive even despite an unhealthy lifestyle.

  6. Yeah it does. Those were the good ol days as an 09'er on SRK.

  7. Birthdays don't you love them

  8. nigga happy birthday

  9. You are the greatest person on DL right now.

  10. That avatar looks like Golden Boy

  11. Well it seems you're playing Chie too, I'm playing Aigis as a main but I'm thinking of dropping her to sub.

  12. Mash the beers for your birthday

  13. Well, I guess I've come a ways. Still bad at fighters, but with better taste now. Glad to have you here on Dustloop with me bro.

  14. How could you forget? I started as Joe-oh-ken then to Saikyo Joe. I was a SFIV diehard at first =p

  15. Should be Joeohken from what I remember...

  16. I'd like to play someone who knows what they're doing since I'm really green. In the long run they could probably point out bad habits which could help me in other games. That aside, thanks for all the VSAV stuff you contribute.

  17. Do play much on GGPO?

  18. Happy 21st, hope it was as liberating as mine.

  19. All was on the line and I have no regrets.

  20. Junpei was alright in my books. I can't argue with his logic most of the time when it comes to the ladies. Even when he hits on the P3 Female MC. Junpei has good taste.