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  1. Yeah we need to get the combo thread going. I'll transcribe some combos I see on youtube or something when I get a moment. Man I suck at pressuring with Bang. I wish 2B was jump cancellable on block. I need something to help me continue pressure when I autopilot the scrub string 5A 5B 2B 2C. I mean -4 is safe but I can't do anything. Learning to hit confirm would be a start, doing 6C not knowing the opponent is crouching makes your day a bad one. Also how useful is the guard break attack? Overall I feel Bang is still fun. I've been trying to use bumper nails since I never used them much before (shame on me). He feels lacking in some areas but that is not my jurisdiction to claim what is good and what is bad. Looks like I need to study some matches to solve my problem. ;_____;
  2. Bang's new English voice sucks. I miss Tony Oliver.
  3. Mr. Kimura

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    omg people still post here?
  4. I'll play with you sometime. Sorry, I didn't see the message when you sent it, I was absorbed in a combo video to said game. I am having a friend show me stuff about it tomorrow night, I am excited to receive a one on on lesson in the game. Also apparently we need to clear our inboxes or something...

  5. Sorry no Winner's, Soomin is gonna be busy at work for a week or two :(

  6. is that Freddie Mercury

  7. English isn't your first language? You do very well. What I'd give to speak a second language...

  8. What ever happened to Nezu? Is he still playing? I'm pretty bad at keeping up with these things.
  9. Nope still alive even despite an unhealthy lifestyle.

  10. Even better, glad to have him (though I'm not part of the team, just a fan )
  11. Mr. Kimura

    BBCP Arcade Profile Site Rip

    Has anyone mentioned that Amane's GG color is Izuna? Looks like it to me. EDIT: Beaten to it.
  12. Mr. Kimura

    BBCP Arcade Profile Site Rip

    Looks to me Bullet's number ten (or the one before the Axl color) is Asuka Kazama of Tekken.
  13. Mr. Kimura

    BBCP Arcade Profile Site Rip

    Bullet one doesn't work... but I'm assuming its Motoko from Ghost in the Shell.
  14. Yeah it does. Those were the good ol days as an 09'er on SRK.

  15. Birthdays don't you love them

  16. nigga happy birthday

  17. Mr. Kimura

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    Happy birthday AXIS.
  18. You are the greatest person on DL right now.