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  1. SynikaL

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    The combo that Bonchan (Sagat Bonchan? Hype!) does at 15:04 shouldn't be possible. Is this a Revelatory change or is there something I'm missing here? - Kimosabae
  2. SynikaL

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    How does one constantly get the non-techable version of TK VV? My inputs are the same wether I get it or not. Is it just me needing to wait a bit longer for Sol to get into his jump frames?
  3. SynikaL

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Couple questions: Are there stun values listed anywhere? Sol's air throw seems to do a lot of Stun. Combo Question: How does one land 5D>Back Dash 6H > BB in the corner? I used to do this combo consistently but can't execute it all anymore, so I don't know if something changed since the last update or not. I know it still works since I see another so do it on a regular basis.
  4. SynikaL

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Okay, so there's clearly at least two different dash momentum values in this game. The shortcuts given provide a nice micro dash option but the momentum is insignificant. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get these shortcuts to work and get the larger dash momentum value? Delaying them doesn't seem to work since the input buffer clears by that time.
  5. SynikaL

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Allright, there are a few matchups I'd really love to see some discussion on, but people don't seem to be very active in these matchup threads, unfortunately. v. Zato, Sol, Venom and Elphelt. I'd be eternally grateful if people were willing to engage me on these topics here, or in the matchup thread. Zato/Sol in particular. Also, an execution problem I've been having: Super Jump IAD combos. Something Ive been struggling with for month is how different the timing feels in relation to when the opponent is grounded and I can't account for what it might be. I tried testing a recording on a Jumping dummy and it seems to be exactly the same, but whenever I execute a Super Jump IAD > Aerial, I feel I have to wait longer before AD and press a button. Is this just in my head or there something with the engine I'm not accounting for, here? When the opponent is grounded I can Super Jump IAD out of on hit/block without even thinking about it. It makes no sense.
  6. SynikaL

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks to both of you.
  7. SynikaL

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Yeah, though you raise a good point I failed to consider, I didn't really mean to imply that the data itself made FD good WT bait. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of your first post. Anyone have the fastest/most efficient input method for doing Bandit Bringer while running without getting WT?
  8. SynikaL

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Well, their blockstun is longer. But WT attempts might be contingent on them being conscious of that.
  9. SynikaL

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Does FD generally open people up to Wild Throw? Is this something I've been missing?
  10. SynikaL

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Would really like to hear thoughts on the Sol matchup from I-no's perspective: - Kimosabae
  11. SynikaL

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Started discussion on the I-No matchup. Really need help with this one, please comment: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11585-sol-vs-i-no/ - Kimosabae
  12. Wouldn't accomplish the same thing, though. That would require putting the opponent in blockstun or hitstun first. - Kimosabae
  13. Allright, I think I get why Focus-Blitz is a thing now. I've always lamented how 2D fighters seem to rarely adopt delayable attacks/normals into their base systems. Outside May, AFAIK, no one in the Xrd cast has a delayable normal. I think, ArcSys, witnessing the ostensible evolution of the Blitz meta, actualized Focus-Blitz to specifically deal with Reverse-Blitz attempts. They're just taking their SoulCalibur inspiration a step further. Through this lens, Focus-Blitz actually makes sense and is a worthwhile addition. I'd prefer delay-able normals for the whole cast, though. I'm probably the only one. -Kimosabae AKA Fertile Meniscus
  14. That's... not true. Regarding the "BURST" particle effect in particular. Believe it or not, there's a lot of players that play the game till' this day that didn't know that whiffing a Burst attempt garners you a "black" BURST meter. The particle effect helps players make the association and understand the consequences of landing burst or whiffing it. -Kimosabae
  15. I don't get why ArcSys felt this series needed a Focus Attack. - Kimosabae