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  1. Here's an infraction for you: Eat a dick!

  2. poster of the year all years

  3. Ah nevermind. Forget I said anything.

  4. What the hell are you talking about life support?

  5. *sigh* So pitiful to see someone on life support so quickly.

  6. I wasn't even trying to be so great, the reason I made that post is because another guy claimed he was so smart with his grammar when he really wasn't if he was "pretending" to have bad grammar.

  7. You want to claim to be so smart? You should have figured out that I wasn't "trying to get the community to hate you". I warned 1 poster in specific, and nothing I said was wrong or misinformed, meanwhile you made yourself a joke with your reply. I wasn't about to lose any sleep over your troll. I don't really give a damn who likes or dislikes you, or me for that matter, because i'm not here to win a popularity contest. Let them hate me, let them taunt and mock me if they like, I don't really give a flying fuck, who are they to me? I'm here to pass time until CS releases. I'm not here to play Mr. Popular, or change myself for anyone or anything. I'm not here because I have "buddies" here, because I don't have any "buddies", and to be honest, that doesn't bother me not a damn bit. No one's going to defend me, and that's fine, because I prefer to defend myself.

  8. I love how you tried getting the community that hated you because of your bitching and moaning in practically all of your threads to get them to try and hate me, I bet even if I didn't make that post on that thread they would still like me because I'm not anything like you.

  9. Great quality threads you make Ark. You clearly are the smartest person on this forum. Hope to see you spread more of your brilliant knowledge and taste to all of us on Dustloop, thanks.

  10. i'm not saying you have to stop liking what you do for the sake of others. i'm just trying to say that there are people on this forum that enjoy harassing people because they don't agree or don't want to bother seeing things from someone else's point of view (well, scratch that. people are like that all over the internet). you will save yourself a lot of grief in the long run :/ and thanks, YuYu made it for me (:

  11. about your recent thread: Arkados, i know you would really like to see Jubei in bbcs but not everyone cares about the same stuff you do. just do yourself a favor next time and think, "does anyone on DL care about this as much as i do?" if the answer is "no" then try to refrain next time. otherwise all you'll be reading is a bunch of stuff like that. people basically trying to take a stab at you for your interests :(

  12. lol you make an account to post in my thread. I don't even have to guess who you are.

  13. Wow, what is your beef with me anyway?

  14. Arkrados

    [VS] General Discussion

    I don't know what the fuck Capcom thinks they are doing! Teasing a new Darkstalkers so long, talking about a huge announcement, always using the fucking stupid characters like Felicia and Morrigan over amazing characters like Talbain or Donovan, and now they say there won't be a fucking Darkstalkers 4?! FUCK YOU CAPCOM, YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD TO ME!!!! Enjoy your fucking scrub fanbase Capcom, because you're going to push your hardcore fanbase away!
  15. Definitely a forum bug, there haven't been any posts deleted from that thread in ages. Also these profile posts work better when you reply on the other person's board instead of your own. And seriously, get over it.