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  1. UNIst Tier List

    Oh neat, and I found out the winning Byak was Ranpo, who used to play Gordeau.
  2. UNIst Tier List

    So Over The World was earlier this month, and I'm posting this here because I think it's interesting how it lines up with the earlier impressions of the balance http://inbirth.info/2017/06/02/171626 There were 16 teams of 3 and character distribution looked like this Seth - 6 Nanase - 4 Hyde - 4 Linne - 4 Byakuya - 4 Orie - 3 Hilda -3 Akatsuki -2 Chaos - 2 Merkava -2 Phonon - 2 Yuzu - 2 Carmine - 2 Wald - 2 Vatista - 2 Gord - 2 Mika - 1 Eltnum -1 The winning team was Yuzu, Byakuya and Nanase. I don't recognize the player names sorry. So yeah some interesting tidbits: -Every character had at least one representation -Nanase is pretty popular, probably better than B tier - Akatsuki is less good than originally thought? -Only 1 Eltnam surprised me
  3. http://gematsu.com/2017/04/night-birth-exelatest-first-details-screenshots Some info on Enkidu's playstyle
  4. UNIst Tier List

    Surprised Wald took such a dive considering he didn't get many nerfs. Were everyone elses buffs that good or is this just his fate as a grappler?
  5. Ah, So Mika's theme is called 'forceful step', thanks Asgard. It's not the actual thing, but you can listen to an accurate rendition of it (8 bit style) here
  6. I'm glad it's Seth who's top tier in this version, he's by far the best to watch, love them flashy combos.
  7. Yeah looks like an unscaling glitch. Like Chaos' old 6C>IW
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCyFe5sYBJg Someone uploaded the official FB phonon guide. Not translated but gives you a good look at her stuff and listen to her theme.
  9. [UNIEL] Chaos

    Although it's not particularly an anti air, his force function is pretty okay at dealing with jump ins from what I've tried, not one of the greatest options among the cast though. Right now I'm having the most trouble with Gordeau and Waldstein, does anything beat out grim reaper on round start?
  10. It's not a threat it's just dumb :P I might as well play the AI if I wanted that much blandness in playing style!

  11. D'aw, its not that much of a threat and we both know it~

  12. Sounds hard BEGINNER MODE LITCHI, GO!

  13. er.. bait.. DPs.. I guess..?