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  1. Yeah he did along with other players like Nakamura I believe. Im gonna come out and say it because maybe its just me but...Jack-O is wack, im sorry but her dumb voice and playstyle to me is just really lame. Quite frankly they should have just made Raven playable instead of Jack-O. I never thought I would say this but I actually prefer Revelator Elphelt over Jack-O. Just my opinion maybe others feel the same, idk.
  2. I'm all for Order Sol but if he is selected I hope they at least add the 2nd place voting as well. I know HOS plays differently from Sol Badguy but it still is Sol with a different play style at the end of the day.
  3. Very surprised to see Raven on the list. Didn't he already have an in game model?
  4. Anyone know wow long is the voting period is?
  5. Interesting read. Honestly when I think of GG, I think of Ogawa. Can't wait for -Revelator
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3Dox-NAYMA Seems like Daigo's been levelling up with Machaboo. Improved quite a bit with his short time with the game. Machaboo's Zato-1 is also pretty impressive.
  7. You could have at least posted who was in the top 8 Honestly what the hell is this he used "online tactics" BS. He played very well with Leo and proved he can be very viable in the right hands. I wonder if Rion got into top 8 by simply doing his Greed Sever online mixups?
  8. Evo Brackets: http://evo2015.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/index.html Japan is coming... GET HYPE!!!
  9. Goddamn Godsgarden was so hype!!! I honestly thought Ogawa was gonna take this but props to Samitto. As long as an Elphelt doesnt win i'm good. Seriously though do yourself a favor and watch the videos.
  10. Maruken's Baiken was epic in AC. I'm curious to see how good Bedman actually can be in the right hands
  11. Or Ky Kiske for that matter. I'm surprised Rion or Ain didn't make it. I remember voting for Hase a couple days back but I guess he had to pull out.
  12. Well thats sucks. Is Revelator at Mikado?
  13. Judging by a screenshot I saw from famitsu it seems Revelator only has 6 colors per character. That could all change though, who knows.
  14. What a complete letdown Lets take one step foward with Johnny being back in but take one step backwards with Jack-0, wtf!? Honestly enough with all these happy go lucky smiley big sparkly eyed characters. We just got Elphelt why add another? What a slap in the face for long time GG players. Guilty Gear had some amazing characters in the past but lately it has been underwhelming. Bedman definitely feels and looks the part of GG, Leo I'm ok with although his playstyle is a bit of a let down, Elphelt is just aggravating and annoying, Ramethal is another attempt at a cutesy redesigned character, Overture design was superior imo. Yeah I'm gotten too. But lets be real most long time GG players will be looking foward to -REVELATOR- for Johnny as a returning character with the possibility of more returning. BlazBlue players come play GG we just added another character that you might like.
  15. Daaamn! It seems almost every iteration of GG had Faust at least mid to high tier. Im surprised RF doesn't play GG anymore. Godlike Faust.