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  1. Ouch, alright can't really go against the parents on that one.

  2. thanks u for helpin me but its a no.:( Just waiting my dad to call me back to tell him if i can stay in delta hotel for atleast 1 hour and then go to foonzo.if its a yes i can train in a 4 gate and help u guys if u need help for something.

  3. I doubt seeing the community group would help. Since it's still electronic, it ends around 5-6 p.m. Don't worry though you'll get a ride home straight to your house. As far as your stick goes, I would suggest you come in early with us to Foonzo so you can practice on 4 gate sticks just in case you have to play on one. But hopefully that won't be the case.

  4. Ok ill try ,but i think ill let her see dustloop(our community group) but if its a no I must deal with it... :( But if its a yes,lol im happy but shy at a same time. When Nemesis 2 end? Ive got a problem with my stick(when it comes to tourneys), its octo and i dont know wath would happen if i am vs a ps3 D pad player?

  5. Well what I meant was make a quick stop at your on saturday on our way to Nemesis. That way your mom can meet some of the community that you're part of. You know so she actually sees and knows faces, my mom would be just as worried lol. That's what mom's do =\ Anyways get back to me on that one by tonight so I can let Pedro know if you're down for that.

  6. Both.and Todays probably not the time for a 'stop by my place cause im not there.

  7. Is your mom worried about you getting there, or leaving? Or she's worried about both, because if she's worried about you getting there, we can stop by your place for your mom to meet us if that'll make her feel more comfortable.

  8. she really want my dad to drive me there.My dad was supposed to have off This Sathurday but 2 guys just got fired so thats why he cant have off this day.

  9. Wow, but what if you get a ride from someone?

  10. Got my answer and i cant go there.my mom doesnt want me to take the metro to go to *Montreal*... i just need to wait 2 more years and im free.

  11. lol Do you need company? Or message Pedro he lives in south shore too and he's driving there on saturday. Maybe you could catch a life with him or Rhannmah. But if you wanna take the metro I could meet you at some point to show you how it works.

  12. I was going by car but my Dad cant this day cause of work(he's start at 10:00 Am).He sayd that i can probably stay in the Hotel for 1 hour and then Drive me there but i think too early... I just need to wait an answer for the metro but i think its going to be no(30%yes,70%no)(and i never taken the metro alone and i never did visit MTL :S).

  13. How do you plan on getting to Nemesis? By car or by bus/metro?

  14. I'm going there tomorrow, I'll let you know how to get there when I get back.