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  1. *check avatar* Yeah, funny that... Ragna/Jin in equal parts. Can't wait for Valky, though. Or Loli Power!

  2. *Checks avatar* Lol hakumen, but since you can't i.b online probably gonna use valk for online play, and you?

  3. Never noticed... that's interesting. Who's your main, exactly?

  4. Yea, we have a montreal blazblue community developing, so anytime I see someoen is from Canada, I usually ask the person where exactly. It seems us Canadians are much more open about our locations compared to Americans, I find at least.

  5. It's cool, man. You from Montreal?

  6. Damn, was hoping you're from montreal, my bad then.

  7. Do you happen to live in montreal?

  8. Your tag line... makes me really happy.

  9. 0.o I'll follow you anywhere! Anywhere! Anywhere! Piss off, Jin! You can't eat that... Tao is sad, meow... I, on the other hand, thoroughly approve of this! Thank you!
  10. Do what SD suggested: release Rag's inner Captain!
  11. I would humbly request a picture of Ragna as Johnny, with Nu as May, in the same style as the Nu/May pic. I guess this means I'm requesting Michi.