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  1. many thanks, dude. i need these colors in my life

  2. They're the Dengeki and the Famitsu colors. A friend of mine got them by ordering the digital magazine; You'll need a JPN Credit Card or Web Money to get it though. Here's a link where you can find out how to get them: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?16987-Importing-101

  3. i happen to see you on LK's stream the other night. which color palette were you using and how did you unlock it?

  4. Yeah, I hear ya. I'm not even at the point where I feel comfortable enough to say I'm any good anymore. Not sure if I really like the way Relius is played anymore so I've just been playing Bullet for now. Her combos seem strong but I'm not sure how she'll end up when she stops being the new girl. Who knows, though. I'm still having lots of fun and that's all that matters I guess.

  5. some people take less time. i just want to be 100% ready. i know all my normal state bnbs, but i havent touched OD yet or throw combos. biggest thing is finding your preferred combo set within the pool of available optimal combo routes.

  6. I haven't been playing much at all. I got maybe two hours of training in last night. #bad

  7. i DO have cp, but i was going to wait until next week to netplay. i've just been practicing offline for the last 3 days

  8. You free today? We should play CP if you got it. Just don't expect anything spectacular. I'm still pretty horrible with D-pad.

  9. good thing you told me, because i intended to use one of my alt accounts for the length of this week

  10. Letting you know I added you on PSN. I got no gaems right now though cept for P4ASS. Looking forward to brawling it up with you soon.

  11. At least you'll get to kick my ass over the intertubes.

  12. daaamn what an unfortunate turn of events, man. guess it's not meant to be U_U all the best though...

  13. Yeah, dawg. Well I'm not sure if it's going to happen. The trailer I rented out last year apparently got infested with those big ass fucking rats that are so popular down there and they chewed all the shit up, plus my uncle got arrested in Baton Rouge for crashing one of our guys' motorcycles while drunk on the interstate so I'll be out of work if I come down since hes rotting in a cell and no one wants to pay bail. So in a nutshell it's not looking good but I do want to see Ft Lauderdale. I guess it just depends on what happens.

  14. don't forget to add me when you get bb! H4NZ0_THE_R42012 and any update on your relocation to SoFla?

  15. lol wish i could tell you. i hardly play anything other than bb #addiction x_x. i would say FFXIV is a good choice as i pretty much buy anything from square. fixing to get that title myself. i have DmC and Okami HD also, but haven't touched them as yet. the Uncharted series is solid as is The Last of US, Demon's Souls, Outland, heavy rain, Ratchet & Clank,, and Sly Cooper games for sure. there's bb of course!