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  1. Sorry dude, I forgot to log into BlazBlue. I was busy today any way and also I just got back into BB after quite a bit of time. I wanna learn shit again so I don't suck. haha.

  2. Ah, okay. You're like 10min from me. Sorry for the let down for now, though.

  3. no extra stick on me right now dude, sorry. I'll have to hit you up when I get it back. what part of centreville you in? I'm near the multiplex

  4. Gimme your number in a DM if you want. My friend is actually using my stick right now, until he gets his. It should be coming.. sometime like early next week. Since I haven't been playing FG's in a while. :x Not much help there. How long you in town? when do you leave for Radford? I know schools are starting up and all soon.

  5. I'm actually in town now. Would you wanna run some games?

  6. Damn, dude. :/ You should get BBCP for PS3 when it's out, but I sold my 360 LONG ago to afford my PS3. :x damn that sucks, but i mean if you're ever back in Centreville, hit me up. I got a modded stick any way, but yeah. any way, it says your PSN name is invalid when i try to add you lol Got a Twitter?

  7. Dude, I actually main Xbox for BB...And Extend is the only game I DON'T have on both, just Box...

  8. Oh yeah, dude. Most of the melty scene is like 20min from Centreville, though. I'm picking up BBCSEX tomorrow morning when it arrives. I've been out of the scene for a while and BBCP got me hype enough to pop my stick out and fight. Who do you main? I gotta add you on PSN when I turn it on. Lol.. My friend goes to Radford, but any way. I wish the scene was closer as driving to Xanadu is like.. over an hour from us and like it's all P4A right now and I don't have time for that right now ;x

  9. I think that this may be the best way to communicate, as I have no way of telling whether PMs go through or not...

  10. Finally playing CS. ;-;

  11. ShinKenRida

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    This isn't really fast enough to catch them COMPLETELY off guard (like a mist cancel throw), but you could probably pull it off at least once as a gimmick against someone. Not really a mindgame, though.