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  1. Hi, do you think i could play you some day? My psn gamer-tag is Troll_knight. My main is hazama.

  2. your name involves the word chair in it.

  3. Hey, my psn is mr_freezy_frost. Maybe we can play some time. I would enjoy playing against your Tager.

  4. you complain, curse and yell too much when i play you online

  5. lord of spear

    [CS1] Hazama vs. Iron Tager

    Thanks guys, that'll help!
  6. lord of spear

    [CS1] Hazama vs. Iron Tager

    I'm away from the ps3 for a while, so i would like to know if it is possible to 6C to get away from 360/Atomic Collider after gadget finger.
  7. lord of spear

    [CS2] Hazama Online Play

    psn: Mr_freezy_frost location: New Jersey
  8. uh yeahh ur right:psyduck:

  9. you can put periods