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  1. josh!!!whats up dude!i have a question.i have a ps2 stick fixed up and want to use it for 360 and ps3 like you were doing.did you have converters or the chip?and where should i inquire about it online or in person?also,BLAZE BLUE HYPE!!playyy it!!and i love HDR NOW!!!!and .......sf4:D later buddy

  2. NICE! ok, my main problems are with ky, and sol, mainly sol. axl is slow, but can attack at any angle. i know this. i also know that in some cases, i should stay back. while my reaction time needs improvement. i need better ways to stay on the offensive. i know the hankerchief counter, i just need to work on doing it in time. Power characters are a serious problem for me. Faust, zappa, aba, bridget, no problem. Sol, ky, robo ky, johnny, not so much. i tend to successsfully pull off a combwe where i charge, then: s,hs, rasho sen. that throughs them of, but only for a moment. i do the same thing with the 2 geki moves. it works somtimes, but other times they hit me once and its all downhill. my ranking is prolly a 6-7/10 player. 10 being "bad-ass-god-pro". help? combos, strategies, moves, anything!

  3. hey dude!sorry,i havent checked dl in literally like 2 months,lol.but of course ill help you dude!im always happy to help if i can.have you checked out the axl forumn part yet?it pretty much will get you started in the right dierection.but if you have any personal specific questions on axl,just ask me.i can tell you some some pretty fun combo's to,lol.later man:D

  4. sup, you're that pro axl player arent you? mason smith reccomended i talk with you, if im to become a great axl player. can you help. ps. mason's username is like yurlungr or somthing, i cant remember, but i know you 2 have conversed.

  5. chickenfat

    AC: Videos

    DW-that be sweet:D
  6. chickenfat

    AC: Videos

    resengeki-i thought you played rather well my friend!bated burst well,being one of axls big tools in his game.spaced well enough.picked up combo's on the fly rather well to.i think you just need a bit more expirenace in that matchup.it looked like you played the match uneasy.i myself just sat down and learned that match-up recently becasue i had no idea how to fight jam.you play that matchup way better than i did.maybe,mmmmm,a little more offense just if i HAD to critcize something. digital wathces-so im "getting elebriated":D with some friends and were listening to mars volta's bethlem album, and we fet to track 10 and im like "this guy made a combo vid to this song......and it was pretty sweet".comeing to a halt at the computer realizing you may have taken the vid down after i couldnt find it on youtube.lol.it was pretty funny.none the less,i never did come into the axl forum and tell you it was a great watch.good job bro.and good band to cover it to.
  7. chickenfat

    AC: General Q&A

    lol!nice!it took me like a half hour to get the timing.its definetley something to throw in there every ounce and a while.not too much though of course.:D
  8. chickenfat

    AC: General Q&A

    this sounds pretty interesting.ill give it a look see and get back to you.
  9. chickenfat

    Slayer AC Combos

    www.tenkaigear.com/videos/Mac%20and%20Cheese.avi AWESOME SLAYER COMBO VID BY YO-YO HOLLA! really enjoyed the powerful mac and cheese combos.you guys should certainly take a look.and heck,even if you dont,it contains disney music........yes,i said that right.can you really deny disney?do you have no soul friends?lol!
  10. chickenfat

    SER v.2 Tournament Videos.

    lol! i might need to come go to frx now!sounds so boss!
  11. chickenfat

    SER v.2 Tournament Videos.

    WAIT!was sir smoov there?! did i miss out on axl mirror match?!nooooo!!!!lol!!