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    [CSE-CP] Jin General Thread "Jin it to win it... again"

    Jin is an amazing character. Although not beating a ragna does make me doubt that, whether he was just having a good day or Jin is actually top tier.
  2. prokiller88

    [CSE] Ragna Gameplay Discussion

    You're forgetting extend dbd, and cs1 cs. But really, its all about the frames, hitstop and untech times.
  3. prokiller88

    [CSE] Ragna Gameplay Discussion

    CS2 Ragna was okay, but he relied on bk to do damage... and his mix-ups were pretty bad. CS1 ragna was the best mostly bc of berial edge.
  4. prokiller88

    [CSE] Ragna Gameplay Discussion

    Lol, no but ragna does a crazy amount of damage in the corner without meter.
  5. prokiller88

    [CSE] Ragna Gameplay Discussion

    Yea, tager is cheapest bastard in this game. But ragna is so easy to nerf, just put 60% repeat on 5c and suddenly he does MUCH less damage.
  6. prokiller88

    BB3 Wishlist thread

    My wishlist Jubei playable, kokonoe playable, celica playable. Wallbounces in mid screen back, bb was one of the only games that allowed most characters to get about 1/3 of anyones health bar in midscreen. But they removed that in cs2 because something... that I don't remember but it sounded bullshit. Also midscreen oki -> corner oki, it makes the game more fun. So, wallbounces mid screen and keep the weird corner bounces at the corner too because it looks awesome. Ragna: 5B - hitbox until the leg 6a - back to cs1, the nerf was.... ehh well bad 5c - keep the hitbox, but revert it back to cs1 status 6d - untechable time on hit be 40 frames, so that you don't have to rc to combo on hit gh- old gh be- cs1 with 10% repeat proration Jin: 6c - reverted back to cs2 5c - reverted back to cs1 hitbox 2c - 100% p1... 2d - start up faster, but keep same frame advantage 5d - completely new. 19 start up, 8 active , 19 recovery, same damage, freeze count of 40, p1 85 , p2 80. special cancelable to anything. 214b and 214c, on counter hit, gives a ground bounce, p1 of both moves changed to 85. Makoto. Lighting arrow - ground bounce on normal hit Shooting star - wallbounce on normal hit and finally, many moves that give a crazy amount of blowback on hit now cause less push back.
  7. prokiller88

    [CSE] Video Discussion Mk.II

    Kokonoe B is the best english one, next to Litchi B.
  8. prokiller88

    BBCSEX Match-up chart

    I cannot believe that Ragna is even 5-5/over with rachel, arakune, carl, hazama, relius, litchi, lambda, or mu. They can definitely out zone ragna and once ragna is out... it is hard getting back in unless they let you in. All of those should be 4-6 against ragna, damage with half okay oki cannot make them better for ragna. Also, how is valk vs ragna not in valk's favor atleast slightly? Valk has better tools and damage over ragna. Blah who made this up >.>
  9. prokiller88

    Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend Actual Changes

    I saw that several times in the videos, it should be posted in the first post.
  10. 5b>5c>6c if you get air hit or crouching. Understand that you will get bursted and also learn jins bnb 5b>5c>sekkajin,6c>2d>6c 214c or dash 5b>5c>3c>214b(or 214c character dependent). If your in the air barrier block, get use to that. Don't use 2C as pick for tech, use 2A or 2B. 632146D is much better on air counter hit than 632146C will ever be.
  11. Um, don't do 3c into 214c. 3c into 214b connects easier. Do not use sekkajin on a 6b counter, link it into 6c. Practice 2D>6B >Sekkajin, 6c > 214C. Ragnas 214A is safe but not the follow up, and you can do a 5C counter pretty easily or a 6C counter if he is close enough. It also sounds like you are mashing a lot on tech and not blocking afterwards.
  12. prokiller88

    How to beat 1 Combo Warriors?

    As a Ragna player, learn to block. >.> 5B is not hard to block compared to 2b-6b. Now that is a pain to block if timed properly. You could always just use guard point on bang, counter on haku and space counter/upper on makoto if you feel the need to not block. BUT as a rule of hand... learn to block.
  13. prokiller88


    Ok, I have a noob question. What does duration mean for counter hit?
  14. prokiller88

    [CS1] Jin Gameplay Discussion v2 (No bitching edition)

    Hmm, I just found something interesting. After a ch 214B you can link in 623A.
  15. prokiller88


    As a ragna player, is there anything that I should keep in mind for fighting litchi?