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  1. if it cant be helped id prefer if we could move it back one week on nov 2 for rebel up, and for oct 26 we could like party out at someones house maybe??????? whatever happens please make a final date soon.... i cant call off days unless its 2-3 weeks in advance. id hate to miss out on rebel up because of an unfortunate miscom.
  2. you know it! and if anyone else wants to play I'll just growl at varying degrees of volume based on how how close they get to the demo.

  3. stay. we camping the aksys booth this year too again now righttttt???:kitty:

  4. you referring to BBCP? standard or LE?

  5. stayfreeeee WHERE DAT LINK AT????

  6. got sick the morning of the ranbat ( -_-)

  7. stayyy why u dodge last saturday! i wanted to play bb with u =(. also i couldnt find any char condoms. too busy playing cp and exvs fb =0

  8. where my Char condoms!?! RAAAGE!!

  9. ..when is that super arcade gundam thing going down? i needz my gundam fix...and char condoms.

  10. xieee can i come over for your p4 chariot or are u full as it is?

  11. dude do u still need a ride to evo or you got one

  12. your so in active on DL. which is a really good thing keep it up.