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  1. Ideally bellevue, but basically wherever I can find the best price/apartment quality.

  2. Good to hear, been getting tired of fighting half-baked Ragna and Tager players. Where in Nashville are you moving? Depending on how close you are we may be able to get in casuals.

  3. yeeeep. well, expect for me to be be back around february~march

  4. Awesome, great to hear from you again. :D btw, you getting Skullgirls?

  5. sorry! I've been at college and am unimpressed with online play here, which is why I haven't been online. I'm getting an apartment in the next few months and will be back to online fighting gamezing again.

  6. Middy, how ya been man? Haven't heard from you in a while. Guessing you're doing okay.

  7. You hiding from us Middy? No S tier got you at home. Having to think to win your matches isn't really that bad you know.

  8. How's about getting on every once in a while?

  9. FAST SHOUTOUTS GO milln and ko thanks for hosting me sat was awesome and full of <3. Damn eshi I was free gotta stop fucking shit up, scurry tsubaki and her 5b antiair I always run into herpaderp. Astaroth stop stawmping my frawg and raping lambchops. seiki yeah im just gonna use litchi and rachel, can't convince myself to use makoto. Klein lambda bros yayuhz and casuals next time definitely. laststar damn 3rd nice, you played well against astaroth despite being noel and maybe we'll stop being mega-free at arcana. Jackie cool hanging out with you as always, gotta set up your mom vs laststar's mom sometime. grimstar your gf has great high low mixups. gg
  10. Yeah, he can use mine. I'll be there tomorrow.
  11. Congrats. I've decided to sub litchi again too, as you saw in our matches. Her metagame becoming relatively stagnant doesn't mean she isn't S tier worthy. Unless other things are discovered to make other characters go up the tier list, noel is easily S tier worthy. CT nu, anybody?