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  1. Columbus

    What got -you- into BlazBlue?

    Well. back in 09 a game called Street Fighter 4 came out. And i bought it. It was fun and it got me into fighting games. Then one day i was browsing the web and i came across a video of a game called Blazblue: Calamity Trigger. all it showed was the main menu. so I did a little research and learned more about this game. Then when the game came out, I went and bought it on release day. And I been playing it and other fighters ever since.
  2. well. since 1.03 i am now maining Ragna and it took me about.... I think 10 matches worth. still gotta work to land the advanced shizz, but im good enough to win most of the time
  3. took me about 1 day. after that I played online and did very well. And yes I come from a fighting game background. My first fighting game was Street Fighter Alpha 3
  4. Columbus

    Learning the Game

    Go to training mode? Do trials? Thats what I did. Now Im damn near unstoppable
  5. So, you're still attempting to argue that BBCT Hakumen was top tier, but linking to a video of Hakumen in BBCS in your signature? :psyduck:

  6. Tsuki, I'm the same age as him & I'm fine.

  7. Need I sympathize with you? You're too young to overextend yourself in forums, okay? The internet is more mature and twisted than you think. Needless to say, I was once in the same disposition, but you'll learn soon. So stop posting the way you're doing now. No one will miss you if you're banned.

  8. you are a horrible poster stop posting please

  9. you are a silly man

  10. Columbus

    BlazBlue Setting Material Collection Information

    Rachel is a full on vamp. She just doesn't like doing vampire things
  11. Columbus


    NOWHERE in that thread topic does it say spoilers. I thought they were talking about theories and speculations. Not spoilers.
  12. Columbus

    BlazBlue Setting Material Collection Information

    What I mean't was, Why doesn't he bite people or have fangs or anything??