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  1. PapaRhino

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    You guys are nerds. Real men play Street Fighter. Fuck Anime, Get Sugar Mommas.
  2. PapaRhino

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    Anybody want to play some MBAACC Netplay?
  3. Gameyard is ass, fuck that place. This. I don't know how many new people I saw at the fucking marvel tournament, there was a bunch of smash players that made top 16 or some shit too, really weird new people blowing people up.
  5. I told my boyfriend that you called me that. He laughed lots.
  6. I was wearing some skinny jeans and a pinstripe shirt, with dat medium length black hairs, oh, and baller ass black/red nikes
  7. dude I was wiping floors with people's faces in marvel all day, youy should have heard my name called or something
  8. Actually most rape is done out of anger and not for sexual gratification. and why u mad?
  9. I noticed you from one of the casual vids that got posted up :P
  10. I don't remember that either >_> mostly I remember some black kid in an orange jersey yelling really close to me about how throws in other games have frames and how throws are bad in marvel that was slightly annoying, but somewhat funny now. i bet it was one of you