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  1. Well we still play, we're doing a bit of a transition right now, since our old place of casuals is no longer available. But we have another place set for Fridays, no venue fee, because it's just one of our houses. GG is played a lot there, you'll see BB as well I'm sure though. It's in Novi, so let us know if you plan on showing up one of these days.
  2. Post some videos of your Noel matches here, and we'll pick it apart, and give you some advice on how to step up your game.
  3. Ask questions about CF Noel here. No question is too dumb. Unless it's not gameplay related, then it's dumb. If not asking a question, feel free to answer some questions, help out your fellow Noel. We're all suffering here together.
  4. Talk about Central Fiction Noel in this thread here. Discuss strategies, theories, sadness, all that stuff, RIGHT HERE! IN THIS VERY THREAD!
  5. We are LITERALLY talking about the little packet of Michigan, this is the Michigan thread, and he was asking about people playing in Michigan.The statement was correct as fuck. More importantly, who even are you? Are you in Michigan? Is there some big ass BB scene that has somehow eluded us? Or are you some random from another state who has no idea what he's talking about? I'm betting it's the latter. It happens on occasion. Lumin plays it, and will murder someone to get a setup if someone asks him to play. Riven, and Xavier still play, just gotta ask them. Again as far as BlazBlue goes, if you ask the BB heads of old, we'll play a few with you, but since none of us actually play it very much anymore, it's not going to be as good as you'd hope.
  6. 1. No one plays BB, no. 2. Despite that, yes, most of us here will be getting BBCF, then we'll play it for a few weeks before dropping it again.
  7. LunaKage

    [CF] Noel Vermillion Video Thread

    Damn, there are still people who don't know about the drive landing cancel? I personally don't use it, but that's been around forever, like at least CS1.
  8. Don't you mean 2B > 6C? Or did they allow 5B to gatling into 6C now?
  9. Post any Noel videos for BBCF you want to share.
  10. That's also a crouching combo, but that bothers me since it's much less damage than we used to get off of the 5B > 5C > 3C route.
  11. Credit goes to Finuve for this list of BnBs, originally posted in the changes thread: "so I've been playing, trying to get a feel for things. 2B starter gets around 2800 with 2B > 6A > hjc > j.C > j.D > d.6C > d.6B > d.5C > d.6B > d.236D swap the combo around in a way I already forgot and you can get 2400 and a 22B ender for oki Most combo videos seem to be missing 6D and 4D starters so far. I havent come up with a 4D starter yet but for 6D mid-screen to corner carry: 6D > d.6A > d.6B > d.6D > 22BC~66 > 6C > 5D > d.5B > d.2D > d.5B > d.2D > j.214C > j.2C (can replace j.214C > j.2C with 632146D) Far from corner: 6D > d.6A > d.6B > d.6D > 22BC~66 > 6C > 5D > d.5A > d.6A > d.5C > d.236D 6D is pretty easy to call out raw, but its extremely useful in certain matchups like Nu. I need to test it more in actual player matchups to see where else I can use it. The invul at the beginning is really strong, but the move has quite a bit of room during the final flip into attack that it can get poked. The new 2D is really good, but I need to find out some combos starting with it still. In places where 4D gets poked out by lows 2D can vault over them. Other notes. 22BC is extremely important for comboing like it is in BBCPE, but its timing is different. I havent decided if its easier or harder, but its different. Drive combos have less autopilot that pretty much any previous version. d.6B > d.5C > d.6B doesnt chain in all situations. Corner you use a lot of d.5B > d.2D > d.5B > d.2D. Its hard on my muscle memory that I can no longer do 4D > d.2D unless its a counter hit. 4D > d.6D works without counter and its the only real option I have found so far. I have 8 nights left in japan, hoping to get a lot more time in."
  12. Post combos you've found here. I'll make the first post once I get my hands on the game myself.
  13. It's in Redford. On near the corner of 7 Mile and Beech Daly.
  14. We still have casuals every Friday yes. at the Chronohouse.
  15. LunaKage

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    Noel Vermillion CPEX Combo Video - "Island" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZVGRLcqnyQ Spooky scary Halloween October edition.