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    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    Hey I've seen Skye around online before, I always forget who you play, so I'll challenge you on Ranked. As soon as I see Arakune on your D-Card I get the hell out of there. Nothing personal of course, but I just don't have fun fighting Arakune, win or lose. But if I ever wanna be considered a "good" player I'm gonna have to learn to deal with it and fight everyone, even Arakune.
  2. Hey Shadow, I'm doing alright, just waiting for CS. How are you?

  3. Nothin much, just chillin here at the DL lol

  4. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    How could I possibly get tired of losing an entire lifebar to one move? Besides I like the challenge, for every expletive I shout I get just a little better.
  5. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    Awesome. Elite Rape Machine eh? thats good, I'll need a good Tager to face off against in CS. Let the Magna Tech Wheels roll.
  6. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    well in that case I hope I don't disappoint you Mr. Badass.
  7. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    lol? not sure if sarcastic lol
  8. I'll work on it lol

  9. Yeah, thats a better idea, I have AIM too but I never get on for some reason.

  10. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    You could always do Dreds. Honestly I was lucky though, because a common threat to us white guys when it comes to hair growth is the frizzy afro of curls, not sure what its actually called but you get the idea.
  11. the friends list has a use? lol

  12. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    I can understand that, nowadays its hard to part with any amount of coin. At my job people instantly recognize me as "The big guy with a ponytail" a prime example of how some stereotypes are true lol.
  13. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    Its unlikely that you know me, if I'm not working I'm holed up in the house, if none of the above I'm out in Canton, because that's where all of my friends live. But you may have seen me at work in the past, I worked at the AFC Arcade in Oakland Mall for about 6 months before the T6 console release. There was always alot of fighting gamers there.
  14. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    That's awesome, I won't be able to make it on the 25th either way though, I need about 2 weeks notice to get the day off of work. But I'm definitely up for any future ranbats. It will also give me a reason to dust off Tekken, assuming tekken will still be available. It does seem a little TOO convenient that you live in Oak Park. It would be hell and a half trying to figure out a bus route. The dates seem to stop at the 25th though, do you know of any later dates at all?
  15. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    So it's like a mini tournament? Or just a casual winner stays style setup? Because either way it sounds like something I'd be into.
  16. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    Small world, well small state at least. What exactly is a ranbat? I've only just started hearing that term recently, maybe I've just been in the wrong circles lol
  17. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    I'm from Oak Park, its spitting distance away from Detroit, really pissed about the lack of an arcade with CS, at least when I was waiting for T6, my local arcade had BR. Only 7 more days.
  18. LunaKage

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    The Michigan Thread? I guess I should introduce myself. I'm LunaKage, I'm a bad Noel player that relies on "The Heart Of The Cards" to win most of my matches. Nice to meet you all.
  19. Noel is much easier to learn than Bang, even if you spend the entire time not using Drive she still comes easy for new comers. Hell I didn't even touch the Drive button until about 4 months ago.

  20. I can understand that, by the time the 22nd hits I'll probably be so hyped that I'll be trying to stay away from BlazBlue to make the time go by faster.

  21. Yeah I remember you lol, we need to get some matches in soon man, haven't played you at all yet.


  23. LunaKage

    [CT+CS1] Noel Match Videos & Discussion

    Hey fellow Noel Players. I'm new to Dustloop but I've been a Noel player for awhile. As far as videos go I have my own youtube page where I upload my matches, quality is ok, considering my capture card was only $5 I am happy with it. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnlyLunaKage