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  1. wow really? lol, I don't know if I could ever have fun in the Noel mirror lol.

  2. Tonight? I suppose so, just let me know when you're on, and if I'm free I'll get on.

  3. no problem :3 CP has better netcode overall, but I played a 2 bar not too long ago that felt like I was in a fish tank, but my opponent was so used to that kind of connection that he was hitting things like a pro. I play offline 99% of the time, so any bit of latency is annoying, but I can deal with a little bit.

  4. Sure we could try an Ft10. Though keep in mind our connection is probably gonna be pretty bad lol.

  5. Yeah man, I'm all washed up, getting too old for these new fangled waifus. I'm too old for BB but not old enough for GG. I'm done for DONE FOR.

  6. Why would you wanna bully a wounded Noel player? lol

  7. No problem man, just keep at it, you'll find the right moments.

  8. Dealing with characters in the air is one of Noel's biggest challenges, the good news though is that she gets a decent reward when she does anti-air an opponent. Noel's obvious choice is her 6A. It has Head invuln after the 10th frame, just as the move goes active, it's not a big move, and has really bad recovery, but is still a great AA when used well. It nets you 3k anywhere on the screen. Usually 6A is good to call out people who go for deep jump ins or attempt to IAD with an attack, Noel has the hardest time 6Aing characters with two air options like Bang and Tao, as well as characters with huge air normals like Ragna and Valk, though it's not a good idea to skip 6A against these characters either. Noel's second option is a well spaced falling j.C, j.C has a nice horizontal hitbox, and on CH you can get 3k anywhere on the screen. A while rising j.A is also a good option, while the resulting combo will only get you around 2k, it's still probably Noel's best Anti-air due to speed.

  9. thanks man, I appreciate it.

  10. You asked for a Ft10? lol, man that must have been a long time ago, I don't even remember that. Well I plan to go to any Chicago events that I can. I love the Chi-town guys, and since I live in Michigan it's always an affordable trip.

  11. yep that was me lol

  12. lol yeah, shoutouts to Freddie Prinz Jr.

  13. Long live people power.

  14. Nah, you kinda stop getting gifts when you're as old as I am lol Though MonoMark made me a sweet ass cake.

  15. Well just remember: you got dis

  16. We'll figure it out. And what do you mean "level up"? You've become so gdlk already.

  17. Isn't that three man group with hex still around?

  18. Thanks man. How are things with you?

  19. Thanks man. We need to get on the mic again soon. I miss the shenanegans.

  20. Yeah man it has been awhile lol. Hakumen has one of those weird hitboxes. Basically you gotta Silencer him like you would Arakune, due to both of them having similar axis's while airborne, pretty sure that's the right way to say it... it's kinda hard to explain. But anyways, yeah, Hakumen takes less Silencer shots than a lot of the cast because of his air hitbox, like Arakune.

  21. lol not like it matters much, Noel's gotta play completely different from game to game. Except for Staggers, staggers remain pretty consistent, then again I'm the only Noel on XBL that does staggers the way I do them. It's cuz I'm silly like that.