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  1. Hakami

    Dustloop Sings 蒼ーiconoclast

    So, is this still happening? :P
  2. Hakami

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    Seconded :P
  3. Hakami

    Dustloop Sings 蒼ーiconoclast

    oh, didn't see it first time around >< my bad anyways, WE NEED MORE PEOPLE 8D
  4. Hakami

    Dustloop Sings 蒼ーiconoclast

    I am totally in, any deadlines for when to have the .mp3 in? Oh, and for those who are less than sufficient in japanese (or didn't hear the intro enough to memorize the lyrics) could we get some romanized lyrics for them? So that they don't need to try 50 billion times to get it right. :P
  5. Just for reference, I was paired with mortified :3 (for whoever was recording the matches this time around)
  6. I'm free today 2-4pm, tomorrow most of the day and also most of the day on Monday for our match, i'll add you to psn soon

  7. I'm free today around 2-4ish and tomorrow around 2-3 and monday all day for our match

  8. When should we play?

  9. So, when should we have the match. I have work tomorrow from 7pm to midnight eastern standard time. (and sunday till 11pm) After or before that should be fine.

  10. hey XDest, its mortified's friend. we played at gety (and previously at AN) and u taught me some combo's too :P after utterly destroying me countless times....

  11. bad bad, stop shamelessly plugging my name in when making joysticks...

  12. Boo. It's Kelv :P finally got around to makig an acc here

  13. Hakami

    [CT-CSE] Taokaka Netplay General

    PSN: Kyragnar GMT: EST(-5:00) Location: Toronto, ON Been lurking on my friends account for some time now, and just made my own account. Ring me up for some CT (soon CS) anytime!