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  1. LordSpectreX

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

  2. LordSpectreX

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    Err in the MU subsection?
  3. LordSpectreX

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    It's fairly obvious. But to point out some stuff early on. These are just rough estimates at point blank range. 236D = -18 like before. 236[D] = +1 236D~C = +Gazillion duh. 214D = Slightly better, now -5 214[D] = Around +8 214D~C = -10/-11 j.214D = -10 like before. j.214[D] = Around +14? J.214D and j.214[D] cannot hit at point blank so it's done from standard range. Also wow 623C is such a good anti air. Huge, hits behind you (get rekt azrael) and 214B after allows you to combo even on non CH, which is pretty awesome. Does around 3k with a basic drive combo on non ch. On ch you can do the 236[D] path and get around 4k. Hype.
  4. LordSpectreX

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    New sword air to air combo strings are strange but eventually they'll be second nature. I'm trying to get into the habit of doing air backdash j.6D instead of j.2D.
  5. LordSpectreX

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Chaos can still do 6C>EXS for artificially high damage.
  6. LordSpectreX

    [P4AU] Ken Amada Q&A/FAQ Thread

    How exactly does the increased damage on the 236236C/D super work?
  7. LordSpectreX

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    Fixed up the notations. Sorry about that.
  8. LordSpectreX

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    DP into 5D is most certainly NOT safe. Forward air tech will give them loads of time to hit the persona, AND you if they have a good air normal (Ken J.B, Labrys j.B, Yu j.B etc)
  9. LordSpectreX

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Combo Thread

    You can choose. A Version is where Izanagi is. B Version will be where Adachi is.
  10. LordSpectreX

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Combo Thread

    New combo route is stupid. It literally works off almost everything and does really high damage. The process works thusly Stuff>Anti Air 5B>2C>2AC>(delay)5C>5B>2B>2C>Ender And it works off pretty much everything, not to mention optimal off most confirms that don't revolve around doing the fatal counter IADj.B loops. You basically do buttons, e.g. 5AA>5B, then after confirming the first hit of 5C, either use; (Standing) Heat Riser B or (Crouching/Fatal Counter) Sweep>EX Gunshot (214AB) After both those options, you do dash 5B and simply do the combo above. Most of the time your confirm is going to be a ground confirm into 5C(1). There are some different starters. #1 5D > 5B > 2C > Hop etc. Does 3k, just need them to get wallsticked. #2 2BCH > j.C(whiff) > 5B > Combo. #3 214C/D > Heat Riser B > 2C > Hop. You have to leave out the 5B on these. #4 214CD FC > 5B > Combo. Does like 3.6k midscreen. #5 Anti Air 5B > Combo #6 Throw > OMC/OMB > 5B > Combo. Does 2kish #7 5AAA>Heat Riser B > 2C > Hop (just like the 214C/D combo, awesome for generating that last bit of meter. Does a respectable 3k. #8 Gunshot(214A/B) > Heat Riser B. One of the only ways to combo off raw non CH gunshot, but does like 3.1k so worth it if you can hitconfirm it. You can't do it off DP sadly. Just prorates too much. Enders Include 214A/B (Meterless Option) 214A/B > Magatsu Mandala (50 meter ender). Magatsu Mandala (when too far for gunshot) 236ABA > 214214D (Optimal ender. 75 meter, adds an incredible amount of damage if you have Mandala Buff or the opponent is feared already)
  11. LordSpectreX

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Combo Thread

    After the final sweep, you can just go straight into 236ABA>214214D for 5.9k. You can probably get more via some other method.
  12. LordSpectreX

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Combo Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnotMbmvxIw 5A>5AA>5B>5C>2AB>214A (0 Meter, 1868 Damage) 5A>5AA>5B>5C(1)>236ABA>665B>5C>214A (25 Meter, 2538 Damage) (Corner) 5A>5AA>5AAA>Delay 214AB>5B>5C>2C>214A (25 Meter, 2023 Damage) (Crouching) 5A>5AA>5B>5C(1)>2AB>214AB>5C(1)>236C/D (25 Meter, 1910 Damage, Inflicts Fear) (Crouching) 5A>5AA>5B>5C(1)>2AB>214AB>665B>2B>j.2C>214A/B (25 Meter, 2630 Damage) (Crouching) 5A>5AA>2B>j.C>5A>5AA>5B>5C(1)>2AB>236AA (0 Meter, 2416 Damage) (Back to Corner) 5A>5AA>5AA>236BB>665B>5C(1)>2C>214A (0 Meter, 2361 Damage) (Corner) 5A>5AA>5B>5C(1)>236AA>236236B>5C(1)>2C(1)>j.2D (50 Meter, 3686 Damage, Gives Heat Riser Buff) AoA>C>j.B>j.A>j.B>j.2C (0 Meter, 2983 Damage) (Corner) AoA>D>IAD j.B>5C(1)>IAD j.B>2B>7j.B>j.2C(1)>j.2D (0 Meter, 3411 Damage) 5A>5AA>5B>5C(1)>214A>236236B>665B>2B>j.2C>214A/B (50 Meter, 3022 Damage, Gives Heat Riser Buff) (Counterhit) 5C>IAD j.C>5A>5AA>5B>5C>2AB>214A (0 Meter, 3274 Damage) (Fatal) 214CD>665B>IAD j.A>j.B>2B>j.B>j.2C (25 Meter, 3381 Damage) (Counterhit) 5B>DC>5A>5AA>5B>5C>2AB>(5C Finishes)>236AA>214214A (50 Meter, 3277 Damage, Gives Magatsu Mandala Buff) (With Mandala Buff) 5A>5B>5C(1)>214A>236236B>236C (50 Meter, 1988 Damage, Gives Heat Riser Buff, Inflicts Rage, Poison, Fear) (Previous Combo, Rage+Fear Inflicted) >Fatal 5C(1)>IAD j.C>5A>5AA>2B>j.C>5A>5AA>5B>5C(1)>2AB>236AA (0 Meter, 3909 Damage, Inflicts Poison, Fear+Rage Remains) (Previous Combo, Fear Inflicted, Corner) Fatal 214C>5C(1)>IAD j.B>5C(1)>IAD j.B>2B>j.B>j.2C(1)>j.2D (0 Meter, 3342 Damage, Inflicts Shock, Silence + Poison) (With Mandala Buff) 5A>5AA>5B>5C(1)>214A>236236B>OMC>5D>66>236C (100 Meter, 2585 Damage, Inflicts Shock, Rage, Poison...oh my.) (Baits Rising DP) FC j.C Air-to-Air>5C(1)>IAD j.B>5C(1)>IAD j.B>2B>j.B>j.2C(1)>j.2D (0 Meter, 4162 Damage, Inflicts Shock, Poison, Silence) (Corner) 5A>5AA>5B>5C(1)>236AA>OMB>5C(1)>236C (0 Meter, 2160 Damage, Inflicts Fear and Poison, Requires Burst) Fatal Counter 2B>j.A>j.B>j.2C>5B>5C(1)>2C(1)>j.2D (0 Meter, 3306 Damage, Inflicts Shock and Poison) (Fear, Corner) FC 5C>IAD j.C>5B>5C(1)>2B>j.C>5B>5C(1)>2AB>OMB>5C(1)>236236B>5C(1)>2C>236ABA>214214D (125 Meter, 7577 Damage, Requires Burst) (With Mandala Buff, Corner) 5A>5AA>5B>5C(1)>214A>236236B>44>5C(1)>236C (50 Meter, 2442 Damage, Inflicts Fear, Rage, Poison) (Fatal Counter) 5C>IAD j.C>5B>5C(1)>2B>j.C>5B>5C(1)>2AB>236236B>5C(1)>2C>236ABA>214214D (125 Meter, 7224 Damage, Inflicts fucking Death. Note that Mandala Combos end up doing more damage than the raw number due to poison.
  13. LordSpectreX

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    I'm pretty confident Shadow Adachi would have been one of the best characters in the game. Adachi is incredibly strong in awakening thanks to the Mandala buff, and having more meter would help that, but them's the breaks.
  14. LordSpectreX

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    Some quick random "huh whadda you know" stuff. 214214B Magatsu Mandala returns Izanagi to you when he does it. The A version does in in Izanagi's current position. 214214C Command Grab is 0F after Super Flash. If they're not jumping or doing something BEFORE the superflash, it will hit. 214214C/D is a large command grab that is done FROM Izanagi position. As reversals they're all kinda dodgy. Only 236236C/D and 214214C/D have invincibility from Frame 1, and 236236C/D doesn't even have it for the entire duration. Stick to R Action or 214214C/D (which is very high reward and does beat block baits,so is worth it). You can stance cancel any of Adachi's regular normals into Command Throw (214C/D) for a quicker safer tick throw. An example would be 5AA>236A>214D. It's a lot faster than just doing a regular 5AA>214D tick throw. 214A is slightly minus, it's not Eltnum. Be careful. You can roll after 5C and then do 236B>236B in order to do the flip over stance while still staying on the starting side.
  15. LordSpectreX

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Combo Thread

    I've transcibed this video. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24347267 I've done the combos to test random stuff such as specifics and damage. Enjoy. Combo 5Ax5 DMG = 2021 DMG / Cost = 50 SP (Crouching) j.C > 665B > 2B > j.C > (665B > 2B > j.C) > 5B > 5C > 236AB > 236A/B > 214214D Damage = 4506 / Cost = 75 SP Requires Crouching. I'd recommend against doing the second loop as it makes it quite unstable and you still get 4379 damage by omitting it, meaning you only lose 100 damage. AoA > Fatal C Launcher > j.B > dj.B > dj.A > dj.B > j.2C Damage = 3062 / Cost = 0 SP 5B > 5C > Roll > 236B > 236B > 236236B > 2C > 214214A Damage = 3325 / Cost = 100 SP What's strange in the video is that he does the roll. Now, the roll itself makes sense. Since Roll > 236B > 236B keeps them infront of you, but in the video he does the crossup anyway through some weird timing. Might be a reason but atm I have no idea. For now, do roll if you want to stay on the same side.