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  1. Yo Omni we got to practice later on if up for it just hit me when you want to practice I want to get better with Makoto its improving a lil but I still need work on my timing

  2. Sorry, don't play online anymore. Or ever, really.

  3. Lets do it if you wanna battle meet on xbl

  4. Hey there I just wanted to let you know I send you a xbl request I'm a Makoto player as well so hit me up

  5. Yeah you got man so I can play you man hurry up get that Xbox

  6. Yo hit me up gamertag is DragonCrusher85 on XBL

  7. Thanks for the Makoto Guide now I can finally practice with her if anybody playson XBL hit me up

  8. Sorry man, only on ps3 =/ considering getting an xbox for this since there's some good players i want to challenge

  9. No prob sorry for the late b-day lol. But hey if you wanna play a few games hit me up on xbl gamertag: DragonCrusher85

  10. It passed already but thanks very much for the thought.

  11. Yo man hit me on xbl DragonCrusher85

  12. Yo Alzarath hit me up on xbl gamertag: DragonCrusher85

  13. Good matches last and good seeing you as well we will play this week gotta get another xbox360 so I can play online with you and people I played at SBR this past weekend