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  1. I always thought the rule about IAD after a normal in GG was that if you jump (9) before you connect, you have to do 66 to actually get an airdash out, but if you jump on the active frames of the moves you can just press one 6 to get an air dash. That's how it's always felt to me anyway, os i always try to jump during hitstop.

  2. The only problem i had with transitioning to a stick is that i would always neutral jump instead of a directional jump, because i would hit the up microswitch before the right one for like 1 frame. I've mostly got rid of the problem, now though in games with air dashes where an up direction will cancel the air dash command i am fucking up on. So instead of doing 956, i'm doing 9856. I know VSAV is like this and i think GG is the same way as well. Same sort of problem as before except where i would hit up a frame earlier than right/left, i am now leaving the right/left microswitch a frame earlier than the up one when going back to neutral.


    I know there is probably not much to do to help except to just practice it over and over again; i'm just kinda venting at this point.

  3. So this is a bit of an odd question about the neutral in this game, I've been running into situations where it feels like its impossible to approach with some character's swing normals around during any kind of air movement (so things like after a back air dash or after a double jump) and this wall sometimes gets created and usually gets well mixed in with not being able to approach from air to ground either. In situations like these I can't get my opponent to get scared an attempts to go air to air with them usually ends badly for me and my chances to go for air throws get stuffed cause I'm taking a normal to the face. -_-


    I'm also having trouble throw teching in this game, my throw tech game used to be pretty spot on but I've been running into a lot of TRM from using the A+B+C OS and it kills me that I can't tech as well as I'd like nor can I really open people up with throws cause I'm getting throw teched super easy and not sure how to cause a TRM myself. I've heard before its possible to react to throw techs but my reaction time has kinda diminished these days sadly /:

    Honestly you dont really react to the throws themselves, but more to the throw situations. There are certain situations where a player is more likely to throw you. Recognising these situations and attempting a throw break is usually how i break most throws. Some common situations is usually if someone does a low jab, or a vacuum move like Jin 5B, or more generally reacting to someone dashing up to you. After a certain point they will be pushed too far out for a throw to be any real threat, so understanding throw threat levels at certain ranges is also important. However this is where you can blow up throw techs by using TRM tactics or moves that leave you airbourne such as Jin 6B.


    I think the barrier/throw tech OS hasn't been as effective as it first was in CT, since they reduced the throw tech window you can get from that OS. You can still do 1B+C and if they continue their string with no gap then you'll just stay blocking low and if they pause and try to throw, you will throw in return. You can beat this by something like Jin 6B after the low jab, or by doing low jab, dash, low jab (cancel) throw as a TRM set up. If you do low jab, dash, low jab (wait) throw in order to get the green throw instead of purple, then you will miss the TRM window.