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  1. I hate it. Mai is the most obvious obscure fetish fuel bait so far in the game. What's next? a Vore inspired character? Oh wait, Arakune is already in the game.
  2. Why does it appear left or right again? Timing?
  3. I'm scared guys, Arakune is looking way too legit in this version, I can already see the nerfs
  4. This character looks bananas, air EA? So she can reversal out of air OD? Kek. Where's the Izanami subforum mods.
  5. Mumm-Ra

    [CF] Carl Clover Video Thread [v2]

    Carl combo video by Renza, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lT4DAuKUp0 Unblockable resets that can kill Tager lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsOg-jsOvg0
  6. So if you need to jump before you can begin floating, I wonder if it has a minimum height requirement.
  7. You've got to be dumb to think that Xrd isn't trying to pander more to the current anime fandom (uguu~ kawaii shit) than the original series though, not my cup of tea but as long as it plays well who gives a fuck? Why are we having this discussion again anyways, this is the gameplay thread not the aesthetics thread. When's ABA?
  8. Linhua Bang's Subordinate B Jubei's Brother
  9. I wonder if you can do a standing combo with mothra looping 2C by canceling into 6D before the opponent pops into the air?
  10. Shouldn't it work as a fuzzy or something then? I know there's fuzzy guard in BB.
  11. I thought rising j.C didn't work anymore?
  12. I saw a full combo from GC (wheel, rekka and dives) Doing over 6k Also https://youtu.be/bCgDUHLk3Ms?t=228 Is this real life?
  13. Transcribed the combos from this video, in order: IAD j.4B>5A>6B>JC j.6D>IAD j.B(1)>j.C>j.D|>j.A>j.A>j.B(1)>j.C>j.D>Bird>JC j.C>j.D>Bird>Wheel>6 Cbugs>Fog/Invis>6A 6A>6B>JC j.6D>IAD j.B(1)>j.C>j.D|>j.A>j.A>j.C>j.D>Bird>JC j.C>j.D>Bird>Wheel>6 Cbugs>Fog/Invis>6A BPQ Catch>SJ j.B>j.C>j.D|>6D>j.3D|>SJ j.C>j.D>Bird>Wheel>6 CDbugs>Fog/Invis>6A CPQ Catch>AD j.B(1)>j.C>j.D|>6D>j.3D|>SJ j.C>j.D>Bird>Wheel>6 CDbugs>Fog/Invis>6A Throw>6D>j.3D> SJ j.C>j.D>Bird> JC j.C>j.D>Bird>Wheel>6 CDbugs>Fog/Invis>6A Corner Throw>6B>2D>5D> JC j.D>6D> SJ Bird>Wheel>6 CDbugs>Fog/Invis>6A Corner IAD j.4B>5A>6B>2D>5D> JC j.D>6D Back to corner Laser>sideswitch 5D>2D>6D> SJ j.C>j.D>Bird>Wheel>6 CDbugs>Fog/Invis>6A Corner 5A>5A>6B>2C>6D>j.D|>6D>j.D> JC Bird>Wheel>6 CDbugs>Fog/Invis>6A 5C> SJ jA>jA>j.B>j.C>j.D>6D>j.3D>SJ j.C>j.D>Bird>Wheel>6 CDbugs>Fog/Invis>6A Air Throw>j.D>6D>j.3D>SJ j.C>j.D>Bird>Wheel>6 CDbugs>Fog/Invis>6A j.A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.D>6D>j.3D>6D>SJ Bird>Wheel>6 CDbugs>Fog/Invis>6A 3C>BPQ>SJ j.B>j.C>j.D|>6D>j.3D|>SJ j.C>j.D>Bird>Wheel>6 CDbugs>Fog/Invis>6A Precurse combos seem generally pretty easy this time around and do good damage, now if only we had a consistent way to break 7k during curse ...