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  1. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Seems like it's my birthday this coming Friday, so let's do a meetup to celebrate it! Usual times (starts at 6:30pm onwards), but this time with a little more emphasis on drinking and dunking people in fighting games Kappa I wanna see some Team NAH faces though
  2. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING NEC Ok so according to the sankishin thread this is the list of "interested" people is this : Pedro Brice Air Level5 Abister Kirbster Wes Reyntime Out of those 8, only Pedro, lvl5 and I have personnally confirmed that they will 100% go to NEC. I NEED TO GET CONFIRMATION (by friday) of people if they are going or not. I will not accept a "maybe" or a "I'm interested". Yes or No. As of right now I think only Air booked a room for NEC at the venue and they are sold out of the group rate. If push comes to shove, we could take another room either by not using the group rate or getting in the other hotel with a group rate a mile away from the venue. We also need to think about rides. I know that Level5 is going there by plane but would like to come back if possible by car with us. At this moment, We do not have enough cars and drivers to do it. We need to talk and plan how we're gonna do it, before it becomes a terrible mess. I'm missing stuff, and you are invited to point it out, thanks. I really want people's answer to start planning forrealthough. PS : if you are not on this list and interested to come while having a driver's license/car, You get a free extension on the time limit, yeah!
  3. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    CANADA CUP UPDATE For those of you coming to Canada Cup, this is extremely important. This is the (probably) definitive list for the rides to go to Canada Cup Thursday : Car 1 Car 2 Car 3 DerQ Pedro Icekin Wes Lvl5 Fan Kazuhiro Thelo Brice Pablo Jimmy Alexandra It is YOUR responsibility to you AND the driver to communicate the time of departure and meeting place. I will not hold hands. The list above is the people that I know were there at the time we booked the rooms and/or confirmed in person to Pedro/DerQ/me. If you are not here, do tell. The main driver/"owner" of the car is the first name in each car's list. This list will definitely change for the return trip, as the people are not divided into their geographical locations, but by time constraint of departure-ish. Contact me if anything is weird/wrong/needs to be addressed.
  4. Brice

    [CP 2.0] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    There is sadly no real trick to do it. Make sure to spin the whole 720 in a continuous motion and not slow down waiting to confirm that Voltic Charge is starting. If Tager puts his arms together for the Voltic Charge it's usually too late to cancel it. If you want to practice your 720 speed time, try doing a 720 off a whiffed 2B then a whiffed 5A or 2A. It's pretty much the same speed you need to cancel the Voltic Charge. The rest is the correct timing at which to press the D and the C. Practice makes perfect for this one.
  5. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    I do not know if they will provide with sticks for the tournaments at Otakuthon. Looking from past years, probably not. First page is not super up to date. If you want to attend regular meetups, there's a weekly news post usually posted by Pochp announcing when they happens, and the address can be obtained by request through a pm to either Pochp or me. You can also come hang around in the Sankishin chat to get faster replies most of the time.
  6. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    T'es mieux d'etre la Kazu. J'te watch. *pointe mes yeux avec mes doigts, puis pointe tes yeux*
  7. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    What's sad about Santa Claus wrecking shit in Xrd? That means you kids haven't been good this year. Kappa
  8. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    The big grappling hands of Brice have conquered Yuri like everything else in the world of the lewd waifu. NO EXCEPTION. no homo.
  9. Brice

    [Xrd] Potemkin Combo Thread

    If you feel like doing hard mode, you can also do Slide Head (shockwave unblockable)> RC > 6K loop x 6 > Heat knuckle. I find myself doing meaty Slide Head on oki in the corner when I have 50 meter to catch people or do a simple blockstring into Slide Head, then RC'ing it and doing 6K loops, watching my opponent get sad. I'd need to test more if it's possible to do a 5HS or 2HS after that many 6K loops, as I'm not sure at that many reps. Also quick practical tip when you screw up a 6K loop and don't want to get into an unfavorable situation : if you mess up at the 2-3rd rep and the proration isn't terrible, you can actually link a 5P > c.S > Heat Knuckle after a non-hammerbreak-canceled-6K.
  10. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    <3 Should be good. I finish work around 5:30 pm on Fridays, then free for the rest of the weekend. Drop whenever :D
  11. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    I'd like to see the people coming to KSB to come to the meetup tomorrow if possible. Started thinking about a concrete plan of what I'd like to do in Japan from start to finish (still rough) and I don't know what you guys are doing for your stay after KSB. I won't force anyone to follow or not follow me, but I'd like to know what everyone wants to do.
  12. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    C'est chill guys. Je m'en occupe.
  13. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Hey there people. Survived Christmas time? Meetup this Monday 29th of December at our place like usual and we can start around 4pm since I'm still in holidays mode. I'll be on Sankishin tomorrow and stuff if you need more info.
  14. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Getting up at 1pm feels so great. Holidays, I love you. Meetup is happening tonight for those of you that would like to play. Start time is kinda TBD as I'm going downtown doing last minute Christmas shopping, then come back home and meetup can happen. I don't think it'll take 4hours of shopping, but let's assume a 5:30pm time, and maybe earlier if I get home faster. I'll update once I know exactly when I'll be home.
  15. Brice

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Ça tombe fucking bin, je main christmas Potemkin tellement il est edgy.