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  1. yo super random but does anybody wanna netpray room with me, while I wait for my sad defeated pnw bros to come back to the promise land. I'll give feedback to anybody in the room...or complain about why netplay sucks. PM me if you want in.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=f2bbxMHh8i4#t=176s I like how when Jin uses super his damage goes up by 400.....
  3. Alright guys! Extend match up threads are up, CS2 match ups will be archived in 1 week. I am hoping someone with various character match up experience can lead the pack. (Guyman???) I've been pretty busy as of late (Being a community leader is hard work lol). It looks like KV has been holding it down in here, so thank you KV you're the best. Now go discuss how strong your Goku character is.
  4. Dusty

    [CSE] Hazama vs. Rachel

    Discuss Extend match up here.
  5. Dusty

    Best way to defend against grabs?

    You forgot getting thrown right after waking up.
  6. Pointless CS2 threads will now be archived, like this one. CS2 is now dead to me.
  7. I have to work the WHOLE NWM weekend....nothing I can do about it . Have fun guys.
  8. Dusty

    [CSE] Hazama Changes Disccusion

    After watching TONS of match videos on a bunch of characters, I have to say Hazama will no doubt still be really strong, I really like the fact that you can cancel out of the chain follow ups earlier and it makes for a faster more controlled character. Also they made him an easier character to play due to the chore of hit confirming for big damge no longer being an issue, which is good since it may give incentive for new/other people to pick up the character seeing as the Hazama boards are usually on life support. Unfortunate stuff like 6B no longer breaking primers and his command grab nerf are a back breaker for me. His fuck up ghetto 50/50 in the corner off 6B is gone due to command grab nerf hurts my interest in the character a alot. Even though I'm personally disappointed in the new Hazama, I'm happy overall from what I see currently.
  9. Once I get 50 meter I hardly ever pay attention to my meter bar again since it's always there lol. Yeah Hazama can be pretty wasteful with his meter and not give 2 shits about spending it. I like how they directly nerfed his meter gain after a Jayoku and he still gets most, if not all his meter back.
  10. This character builds too much meter.....
  11. Relius damage output is quite high, I wonder if these are the most advanced combos or if there's something more to discover. 3.4 meterless midscreen - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_6ofgNRe-A (I think his meter starts at 24 and ends in 64 so builds maybe 40 meter) 4K meterless midscreen to corner - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2-qlitNbWk (builds about 53 meter) "Unpractical/Punish" 8K - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cubAcLE2Tw8 (requires 150 meter and 6C starter) 8k corner combo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5bLnVdE_SQ (not sure how practical since it started with the spinning doll hit and also requires full doll meter) I wonder if Relius will just be a high damage character instead of a unblockable reset character, seeing as these numbers are quite high for a character who is "supposed" to do resets and unblockables. Maybe he's just a high damage, strong oki character like CS2 Litchi. Me personally, would do resets and unblockables until their health gets low enough to hit them with a huge corner combo to kill them, this on top of potentially strong oki after each knock down will probably make for a character that is scary and demands respect. But maybe he's just designed to hit hard and keep you knocked down, which is what I'm predicting at the moment. Attempting "gimmicky" unblockables may not be the way to go. Alll just speculation and theory fighter ofcourse.