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  1. Ok cool I'll hit you up sometime then. Noel is super easy in this version, and she's pretty versatile now with strong abare. Are you playing Azrael?

  2. It's not like that ;_; you missed CP release meet-up, color me mad! But I understand...................................................

  3. Skype glitched out awhile back and didn't realize it. It be fixed now + got a ps3 so hit me up sometime. How you handling CP???

  4. Now im the one replying late. I'M SORRY!!!! I just havent been as interested in fighters recently/ I've been busy with other stuff. It's not like you miss me or anything... idiot.

  5. Yo dawg, are you ever on Skype anymore? I hear you'll be playing the 3 main games when CP's out. I want to fight you in GG! And of course CP as well :)

  6. I am really tempted to wait like a month to reply to this. Hope a week is OK :) also, stop missing stuff, for real!

  7. You're just mad that they made my character dumb. Also holy shit you cant ever make a timely reply can you?

  8. Worst character in the game man! For real..... huzzah

  9. <3 XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Fuck venom tho

  10. I just looked up EAD on Urban dictionary. <3 *wink*

  11. WOW! thats like from so long ago. Get dodged EAD

  12. yo i totally missed this. I been had tournament wins son, imma take you down today! if you're coming that is. what's ead? TELL ME

  13. I am blazblue down here, i body all 4 of us hahah. Other games not so much :( umm you could buy a whip and you've got Delta so you're like already there. I don't have PSN anymore, brandi's ps3 broke down like 3 weeks after i started going on psn. It wasn't meant to be ;_; I'll be picking up a ps4 once it comes around and i got enough cash for it. !!!!

  14. My brother from another mother. So, how are the tourneys down in Texas , you getting first place all the time? I don't have a whip or a little asian kid so I can't be Indiana Jones and, besides, he's an Archaeologist! I deal with fossils, bio, and rocks. Too much math though. Before I forget I don't have your psn, here's mine olistostrome. Add me and we can play GG,BB, and P4U. Though I usually only play when I go to Delta's.

  15. ;_; how's the indiana jones stuff going?