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  1. Chiizu

    [CP] Rachel Video Thread

    That's probably because you're using NND during peak hours. NND decreases the allocated bandwidth for non premium users during peak hours. If you're a heavy user, I'd recommend getting a subscription, it's about 5 quids a month or so. You get quite a lot of advantages too such as watching streams you missed without setting a timeslip up.
  2. Chiizu

    [CP] Rachel Video Thread

    I really wanna see a reversal astral, just to see what happens lol
  3. Chiizu

    [CP] Rachel Video Thread

    No, apparently 236A and j.236A count as two different moves. However, in this particular combo, he did 5B>236A before going into his combo and SMP kicked in at the second 236A.
  4. It's cool. I probably made a few mistakes here and there but bear with it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. thanks alot for translating that long post in the rachel forums

  6. Does that tea launderer sell Akai Katana? 'cuz this game rocks.
  7. Then again, why would you need the "safe" tag BRING BACK THE NSFW !
  8. There's something wrong about Accel World. THERE'S NO EUROLAG !
  9. And to think that I went through my first 6 months as a Rachel main without having a look at it, I feel ashamed, and conned out of my time.
  10. Eheh <3. Looks like the bible is doing its work at attracting new followers to the RACHEL CULT.
  11. Chiizu

    [CSE] Rachel International Videos + Critiques

    Completely forgot about these but I might as well post them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=yUkp91WcI6g#t=7624s vs Lambda http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=yUkp91WcI6g#t=7765s vs Lambda Not the best Lambda player ever but hey, feel free to blow me up or give my e-penis a handjob, whatever works for you guys.
  12. No Shenmue? I are disappoint son.