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  1. Hey all! I haven't been here in a few years I think O_O -- time to start posting art again :D. Here's a Sol I drew last year some time
  2. Nainsoo

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    http://youtu.be/KiJWrtUn0jw I saw a pretty cool start to a combo that was dropped (pretty sure due to error), but at 1:03:49 it went like 2D>BR PRC AD>j.D>2H>j.D and then he mistimed the last j.D....and then did another variation of that at 1:05:02 I'll probably edit this later to update whom else he plays against. EDIT: Another cool combo vs May http://youtu.be/KiJWrtUn0jw?t=1h12m1s though again, dropped. I just like that you can follow up grab PRC > 2H > blahblahblah .... the Sol from this video seems to be using PRC in ways I haven't seen other Sol players use it yet. Against Bedman, WT > j.S>j.D>j.S>j.D>VV (might just be against Bedman 'cause of his huge hitbox) and 5K>2D>BR PRC AD>j.D>2D>j.D>j.D>j.D>j.S>j.D>VV
  3. LOL Amadeous, I saw your reply on Tumblr and died. Totally Jim...along with Bob Badguy
  4. Hey all Long time no post. I made a male version of Jam cause I was curious lol :D
  5. Ahh, I haven't been here in awhile... finally did a finished CG of Sol...FINALLY XD
  6. Here are some more Sol sketches and some silly comic I made :P Sorry they're pretty rough:
  7. So I had to do a huge project of drawing nothing but chibis...so I went crazy and drew lots of Sol afterwards LOL...so here we are. Going for martial arts Sol ahahhaha. here's the link for the full size: http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a367/Na_Insoo/WIPs/solsketch4.png
  8. Hey guys, I'm back -- I was really bored and decided to do a super HD sprite of one of Sol's costumes in GGXX2...YEAH LOL I'm kinda tired of all the Blazblue craze, so this kinda happened... Still not done cause it's taking freaking forever.
  9. Hey, I'm back ....I've been so busy lately so not much time to draw...but I did this doodle that I didn't finish about a few weeks ago: If you haven't guessed by now, Sol is my fav char X 100000 lol
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind comments :D. HAHA epic whale is epic. Here's another doodle of Sol....blahhh
  11. I did some more Sol sketches cause I was bored >_>;...sorry if it's a bit big. I'm really stupid...>_>
  12. Quick obligatory doodle that I always wanted to do lol