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  1. Uh... I apologize for wasting your time at BB?!?

  2. My apologies, wrong dude.

  3. You didn't happen to go to a barbeque place today did ya?

  4. So... what do you think of Platinum?

  5. LOL, are there female grapplers?

  6. Is it homo to say "I have a huge boner for grapplers"? LOL

  7. Christ really? Then who did you play in your Soul Calibur days?

  8. what about him makes you "tingle" if you know what I mean.

  9. You sticking with Robo-Ky?

  10. Uh.... lolis? But you're not a pedo.. hmm.

  11. Are you willing to teach me Tager LOL?

  12. Hey, I was that fat Asian kid playing Zangief at FFA. You seemed surprised when I was playing, was it that I kept getting away with 720?

  13. Nice seeing you mister. Your Robo-Ky isn't too bad. It's just... weird lol.

  14. LOL I know, but at least you will know it's a me!

  15. Sorry! If I see you tomorrow, I'll call you pedobear or something.

  16. you going to FFA tomora?

  17. You going to WNF today?

  18. Next time you get on PSN, could you accept the friend request? It's the creepy one starting with Dan lol.

  19. So as not to waste PM space I may as well msg you here. Any reason for the Justin Bieber gimmick yo?

  20. I dunno man, it's seems pretty amusing that you beat him even if you dropped your combos. That has to mean something. ( I think?)
  21. WNF video of Ike Takeda and ZONG_one http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9152819