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  1. evilben

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    T_T not a single yosuke at the arc revo cup... friggin aegis fest
  2. evilben

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    im a fan of the dash up tiger knee moonsault. try to use that left right mix up to my advantage. also depending on the character you can start you moonsault far enough out that their go to reversal options will whiff.
  3. evilben

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    i still play him when i can play, but no one is my town plays this game anymore... was big for like a month then everyone quit for umvc3... /hatemylife
  4. evilben

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    if i have them in the corner i tend to start moving away from them a bit at the end of the super, not too far though. while i like a little space to do stuff i dont want to give them too much breathing room. you can do this midscreen too, but its harder to pull off without dropping them. but yea, what Milln said, make sure they are at the top of the twister (and super make sure you dont drop them early!)
  5. evilben

    Zappa Love: Series Renovation. AC Edition!!!!

    that is odd, as far as i knew AC+ was identical to AC with the addition of more features in the game (but no changes to gameplay....)
  6. evilben

    Zappa Videos (all versions)

    no, i believe its just the new one, you can see at 4:40ish he does the down angle one and it is normal speed
  7. evilben

    Zappa Love+R (the theoretical AC+R thread)

    with the sword, i wonder if we can do (2H > 63214H FRC)xN and if it would be worth it. with 2 orbs/hit of the 63214H it could get us to raoh super fast.
  8. evilben

    Zappa Love+R (the theoretical AC+R thread)

    is it just me or did darkness anthem follow up (p) look a lot slower in the stream? also the (k) follow up for ghost toss(air) seemed to drop at a steeper angle
  9. evilben

    Skullgirls Palette Request/Creation Thread

    just a thought, i am guessing that the color map (or whatever its called) calls for all the skin to be the same color. so if you are going for realistic ideas try that?
  10. evilben

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    the question also is if you do a super that kills your opponent but your pandora timer runs out during the cinematic is it a double ko or do you win?
  11. evilben

    Ultimate MvC3

    8way air dash is huge! i mean the ability to triangle dash is crazy good (you know 9 to dash3) lets you get quick high low chains as well as crossups if you are close enough. as far as dashing directly up, it actually can be very useful, especially in a team game. i often dash up with dorm to get out of crazy crossups and traps when he gets snapped in or someone dies. (dash up to fly or teleport) the 8way airdash is also good with flight mode because you can dash 3 9 3 9 to get quick succession air dashes to increase your speed.
  12. evilben

    Ultimate MvC3

    *they are making it last a shorter period of time, which should help. *they are normalizing its effects for the entire cast, so everyone can take advantage of it equally. *i believe they are toning it down all together, but not sure if thats going to matter as people have been saying damage seems to be higher overall. personally i am fine with it lasting longer, my idea of a good version of x-factor is let it act as a roman cancel, let it cancel guard stun, let it stop chip damage but dont have it boost speed or damage. so as you get fewer fighters x-factor gives you a longer time where you dont take cheese.
  13. evilben

    Ultimate MvC3

    sadness over the haggar assist nerf. imo trons assist is in most ways better than haggars (you cant duck gustav fire and punish with jabs like you can double lariat) and tron is a better character overall. the only reason to take haggar is for his assist! (oh, and i do take him, i do!) he is just too slow and easy to zone with pretty much anyone with a fireball when he is on his own.
  14. evilben

    Ultimate MvC3

    also this * The game will have 8 new stages. None of the old stages are going away. Some of the new stages are different versions of old stages, with different weather or time-of-day, and many differences in the background to accommodate those changes. * UMvC3 will be “on display” at Evo 2011. * Every old character is being looked at, but not every one will get brand new moves. Some will be tweaked in more subtle ways. * The team looked at major tournament results when making decisions about what to change in UMvC3. * DLC you purchsed in ‘vanilla’ MvC3 is a mixed bag. The costume pack featuring Ryu, Dante, Chris, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor will carry over to Ultimate if you bought it. Shuma and Jill DLC characters will also carry over. However, shadow mode will not exist in UMvC3, so if you bought those, they are confined to vanilla. * The number of colors and costumes available per character has increased by an unknown number. * The encounter with Galactus has been enhanced in UMvC3. * The game’s netcode has been retooled to ‘reduce lag’, and to make matchmaking easier. This includes easier rematch options online. * When asked about releasing full and detailed change logs for UMvC3 and/or when the game is patched, Niitsuma just laughed. This is a disappointing difference in culture. lol @ shadow battle
  15. evilben

    Ultimate MvC3

    well they are getting rid of the DHC glitch which should help a lot of the 'touch of death' bullshit and while it seems they are not nurfing x-factor to oblivion as i would prefer it, they are at least normalizing its effects across the cast. some characters were so god damned scary (like wesker) partly because with lvl x-f they were just plain stupid.