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  1. Suzaku

    New Guilty Gear coming 2020

    Posted a more detailed summary of the interview on the GG subreddit:
  2. Suzaku

    New Guilty Gear coming 2020

    A big chunk of the improved fidelity can be chalked up to running at a higher resolution with different shaders. I'm sure the old models would look similar if they were ported over. Proportions are all about the same. They use a scalable vector technique for most of the "lineart" on the body and the decal textures don't seem to be higher resolution than those in Xrd. The biggest difference I can see in terms of polycount is probably in the hair. Sol's changed stances completely for the first time in the series, though. That doesn't necessarily require new hitboxes, but it probably means his animations are almost, if not entirely, new. It's hard to tell if the same is true for Ky, but with such a drastic redesign he probably requires significant tweaking either way. I'd certainly love to see the entire cast get the same treatment, but I'm not sure I'd take it over keeping the entire Xrd roster. Even if it means some characters don't get a visual upgrade, I'd rather everyone be in here than only some of them with redesigns.
  3. Suzaku

    New Guilty Gear coming 2020

    I've only been gone since there hasn't been anything new to talk about. Not that this trailer gives us that much to chew on. Art style has definitely shifted a bit, the animation looks a tad smoother and the camera moves a lot more freely, assuming that's not just for the trailer. Colors are more saturated, and they're making some use of depth of field. Character models are similar to Xrd's, though surprisingly are redesigned and a bit higher fidelity. I honestly expected them to give us the GGX-to-GGXX treatment, just lifting the roster and stages and bringing them into UE4. I do hope they're just retouching the old models and not scrapping everything to start fresh, since it'd be a real shame to have to abandon a chunk of the Xrd roster. The new character looks fucking rad. Honestly it feels like we're really living in the era of Woolie bait. Not really much else to say. Only some brief glimpses of gameplay; they've added some FighterZ-esque stage transitions, in which you can "break" the corners of the stages, which should have some implications in terms of corner combos. Still only has a working title (NEW GUILTY GEAR), and none of the Japanese articles reporting on the game have any real details beyond what Arcsy has already shared. I guess I could pitch a title of my own: GUILTY GEAR deXth (ギルティギア デクス, Giruti Gia Dekusu). Combining Death (デス, desu) with X (ゼクス, zekusu) and 4th (フォース, fōsu), while simultaneously referencing the fact that in Japanese, "four" (四, shi) and "death" (死, shi) are homophones. Edit: While I'm thinking of it, Ishiwatari did show up on Saturday as the guest for the Arc System Works live drawing panel, with Ono, Harada, Mori, and Higuchi. There were no reveals, but some fun questions, and Ishiwatari did some quick illustrations of characters requested by the audience (Dizzy with E-Honda, Morrigan, Celica). https://www.twitch.tv/videos/461760081
  4. It actually looks like some of the Contra: Hard Corps team plus Pachi and Endo. Cygames and CyDesignation staff are handling top level design (director, producer, character designer, composer etc.) while a team of mostly less prominent staff members seems to be doing the technial development on the ASW side. Hideyuki Anbe (Hard Corps director) and Hideaki Sawada (Hard Corps character designer) are working as Development Manager and Art Director, Kazuto Sekine (Pachi) is Battle Planner, and Ryohei Endo (Chronophantasma director, FighterZ planner) is Development Director. Obviously they've all had pretty long involvement with ASW and Pachi and Endo were pro players, but I think as ASW continues to grow as a mercenary developer for other publishers, you're going to be seeing guys like Motomura and Anbe branch out and head up their own teams within the company.
  5. Suzaku

    BB5 Prediction and Discussion

    BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War was already announced as a mobile title (though they failed to hit their preregistration goals and haven't released an update about the game since February), and Mori has hinted that it's not the only BlazBlue project he's working on.
  6. Ad with a glimpse at some of the interior illustrations for Guilty Gear Begin:
  7. The Chain Chronicle collab illustration of Sol is by Ishiwatari himself, FYI. The "cards" can be found in (moderately) high resolution in this 4gamer article: http://www.4gamer.net/games/223/G022384/20170613037/
  8. Suzaku

    BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    You're doing the Lord's work.
  9. Holy shit that audio production was a mess. Couldn't hear a single word they said. Any word on what the black screen they cut to was supposed to be?
  10. Suzaku

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    Wasn't going to post these since we'll have the liner notes in a few days, but here's what I've been able to make out, as best as I could:
  11. I think BlazBlue is far more mainstream both in Japan and abroad, in part because, unlike GG, it was very much designed from the ground up to have a wider appeal. BB's characters, gameplay, story, and multimedia were very meticulously created to cater to a really diverse audience, whereas Guilty Gear has always sort of just been Ishiwatari going "this shit is fucking rad!" and throwing it out there. I'd say that BlazBlue's fanbase is generally bigger, but Guilty Gear's fans are way more dedicated. As far as the FGC goes, Xrd is really the next generation anime fighter, while BlazBlue is on its way out (at least in its current iteration).
  12. To be perfectly honest, I feel ike Arc System Works has been shitting the bed with their localizations ever since Chronophantasma, when they moved localization in-house and started contracting Strangely Compelling instead of having Aksys Games do everything. I recognize that dubbing is expensive and that the sales figures may not justify the cost, but whereas it always felt like Aksys was going above and beyond with the localizations, it now feels like Arc System Works is only interested in doing the absolute bare minimum. Which is a real shame, considering we've been getting pretty consistently dubbed ASW games for nearly a decade now, going back to GG2. The dub wasn't perfect but it was mostly solid, and some of the characters were excellent. The most disappointing thing is that there's a shitload of dialogue in all the Guilty Gear games that isn't subtitled and so won't be translated. The number one reason to use the dub, IMO, was to be able to easily understand all the character banter during matches, not to mention the system voices. I really, sincerely hope that they consider releasing a dub as DLC once the scripts for the DLC story episodes are finalized.
  13. Suzaku

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    Listening to Tsuki no Shihai, I can't help but feel somehow validated for him always being my favorite Guilty Gear character. I may be biased, but I think this is by far my favorite new character theme in Xrd so far.
  14. Famitsu scores don't hold much weight these days but that's still really solid for a fighting game.
  15. Suzaku

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    It seemed like he got roped into doing the vocals for those songs because he speaks fluent English. Something similar happened on the FFXIV team, they got one of the members of the localization team to do the vocals for Shiva's boss battle theme.