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  1. pulsr

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    Nope, realistically you'll probably want to do 5C, sweep, into stance cancel oki 2D though. sweep 236aa is fine too. You can corner push like a boss with 5c 2b 2c. I use it a lot, but I shouldn't really do it since they can tech in the air after c,2b,2c
  2. pulsr

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Combo Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOLK1GV1jEQ I've been forcing myself to use this more in matches. It's pretty amazing. If you finish with the 236BB it is amazingly amounts of + frames. You can dash up afterwards with a 2D and it'll be godly meaty.
  3. pulsr

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    When I played her, she felt really neat. But she didn't necessarily feel good. All of her changes made her ... post mid game better if that makes any sense. In vanilla, I always felt the hardest thing about her was trying to land the first hit and that didn't change. So basically she's a weaker version of herself now. 5C dash cancel was probably the coolest thing, it looks super terrifying but I'm pretty sure it won't stop people from mashing against her. Xie says the air counter is pretty good, I'm not much of a fan of it since the recovery is like 10 minutes. SB Zio is pretty amazing now, but everything else is worse so I can't see her ever getting in legitly. And when you do get in you can hit them for a whole 2-3k yay?
  4. Yamada! My waifu! I assume you are a fan too?

  5. pulsr

    [P4A] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    Shouldn't be anything new, but take what you want from it: http://www.youtube.com/user/pulsr?feature=mhee
  6. I think the true power in 6A is that you can mash it if they double jump :P
  7. I wish I could annotate your match so I could tell you what I would have done but I can't :P Anyways typically against Ragna I find it more important to get 236A out over Totsuka because he can't really do anything about it. I'll pick your brain about your use of Totsuka though- don't find it necessary to go in after your opponent after you setup two steins into Totsuka because 90% of the time (assuming the match is neutral) they will jump away and you aren't really going to get anything special out of that because your options are pretty limited. * Going in the air means you lose out on a high low game, and due to the recovery of Totsuka going for an air grab might be difficult since they should have more than enough time to mash something before you get there and going for a j.c means you are hoping they don't block it because if they DO block it your only option is j.2c and j2c + being that high in the air = free punish. Basically you lose a ton of momentum as seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_KsSWDghS8#t=0m18s (you ended up having to block, but right at the start you pretty much had complete control over Ragna) ... Don't think you need to Totsuka for the sake of Totsukaing* What is cool about the moment I linked ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_KsSWDghS8#t=0m18s ) is that your Totsuka was done properish and I can explain why, obviously distance being the obvious one- he's full screen so it was free, but also the factthe 236A was out and he had to block it meaning he had to fall into the current Totsuka and at this point (where i mentioned you went in) you could have set up MORE steins and gotten ready to do another 236A to keep him at bay. I wish I could explain the "proper" time to go in, but I think as you play enough you'll understand when you really NEED to get in. The most obvious time will be like if they actually block a totsuka on the ground, especially if you have really far apart steins and you can take advantage of adding more steins to extend the bounce. *** After a burst http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_KsSWDghS8#t=0m50s Here you went for 6D Totsuka but that 6D was useless because you already had a stein there lol (watch/memorize your steins). In that particular situation, your steins were incredibly far you even had one behind the one visible in that clip meaning burst -> totsuka would have put your opponent in a bad position because he's too far to do anything and all he can do is fall and since your steins had enough distance to travel you could have extended with a 6D, 2D_4D and gone for a jump in mixup. I think the safest thing to do off a burst (if you aren't watching steins) is probably 6D 236A. This was fun I should do this more... but I'm the worse mu evah -pulsr I'll see if I'm interested enough to do your 2nd one ( didn't really look at it :P )
  8. James never invites me to these things ;[
  9. I'm probably the only thinking j.b is going to be sweet. j2C is a pretty big deal but whatever, 6A is better anyways.
  10. pulsr

    [CS2] Platinum the General #1

    <- totally not dead, but my computer exploded so I've been without one for quite some time now =/
  11. 6A has a bit of scaling so no the combo won't work. Besides, J.D starter already implies you went for an overhead setup anyways. I'm surprised I haven't seen too many 2a or 2b starter combos with frying pan though.
  12. pulsr

    [CS2] Mu-12 CS2 Changes Discussion

    I still play Mu guys :P I just happened to pick up Plat. I don't really know combos but I make people sad.
  13. pulsr

    [CS2] Platinum the General #1

    I've been meaning to post something creative forever in here, but I find myself realizing Plat is a character based entirely off of strong fundamentals and that is difficult to explain. She reminds me a bit like Testament from GG where every normal fulfills a certain situational purpose and I don't know how to really share what knowledge I have with her, sorry guys ;[