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  1. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    I've been tryin this to win this match up all week but i dont what im doin wrong its jin vs litichi
  2. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Jin Combo Thread (and a quick guide on mix-up)

    Omg so much learning ^_^ gotta practice all these combos
  3. Yeah man I was fightin online and I feel like jin and litchi are the most responsive so my main are jin and litcji now I just got to change that signature lol

  4. yea you have to be crafty with jin work on sum resets

  5. Hi, any particular reason for the friend request?

  6. the only thing about jin i dont liks is the fact that u can start to see things coming and that really kinda of annoyed me but other than that jin is just hot lol

  7. yea man i could use him pretty good lol and litchi n ragna but eh i rather work hard for the wins plus jin is balanced real well i want to see how the balance patch will effect the top 3

  8. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Bang Forbidden Ninpo: Combo Thread

    thnx for the combo thread just started playing blaze and now bang is my main I'm wanted to know the timing for 623b>5d cause I'm having trouble pulling it off do I need to be faster or do I need to do something else thnx in advn
  9. lmao u right just look at bangs sig lol

  10. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Bang Discussion and Question Thread

    i just started playing bang and like what he does but do u always need to activate FRKZ
  11. hahaha good luck with that he good but not easy mode like ragna

  12. yo just started main bang mad fun lol

  13. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Hazama Complete Guide

    i wanted to know how hard is it to learn hazama cause hazama peeked my interest but i play with jin so is he gonna be hard to learn
  14. no doubt ill prob be on around that time too just hit me

  15. cool ill be on line like at 3 college is annoying lol