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  1. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    I've been tryin this to win this match up all week but i dont what im doin wrong its jin vs litichi
  2. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Jin Combo Thread (and a quick guide on mix-up)

    Omg so much learning ^_^ gotta practice all these combos
  3. Yeah man I was fightin online and I feel like jin and litchi are the most responsive so my main are jin and litcji now I just got to change that signature lol

  4. the only thing about jin i dont liks is the fact that u can start to see things coming and that really kinda of annoyed me but other than that jin is just hot lol

  5. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Bang Forbidden Ninpo: Combo Thread

    thnx for the combo thread just started playing blaze and now bang is my main I'm wanted to know the timing for 623b>5d cause I'm having trouble pulling it off do I need to be faster or do I need to do something else thnx in advn
  6. lmao u right just look at bangs sig lol

  7. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Bang Discussion and Question Thread

    i just started playing bang and like what he does but do u always need to activate FRKZ
  8. yo just started main bang mad fun lol

  9. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Hazama Complete Guide

    i wanted to know how hard is it to learn hazama cause hazama peeked my interest but i play with jin so is he gonna be hard to learn
  10. cool ill be on line like at 3 college is annoying lol

  11. ight ill be on all day wednesday

  12. yeah man i tried to add u but ur friend list is full

  13. gotta work on fixin my internet first lol

  14. are ther any sites that have fram data for bb:cs

  15. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    yeah ice car does tend to solve alot of things in this game
  16. im thinkin about switchin to ragna

  17. demonicZERO360

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    right now since ur still new to game i cant pick a character for since i dont know what play style u perfer but if u wanna get good at this game just find a character that u like learn the basics and from then develop ur strategy practice makes perfect
  18. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Jin Kisaragi Video & Discussion Thread

    @ Nov Ganon thnx ur right its hard to get at hakumen with that damn counter
  19. demonicZERO360

    [CSE] Jin Help! The "I'm a n00b seeking advice" thread.

    well what i seen in videos is that when jin is about to start his pressure game hll' usually start wit an over head
  20. demonicZERO360

    [CSE] Jin Help! The "I'm a n00b seeking advice" thread.

    i wanted to know if u if jins j2c works as an overhead for most characters in the game?
  21. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    hey im still kinda of a noob but i was wonderin how do u stop ragnas and litchi pressure games with jin or should i just find anew character
  22. demonicZERO360

    [CS1] Jin Kisaragi Video & Discussion Thread

    im not likin the fact that jin is kinda free on hakumen
  23. yeah tryin the best i can on a 360 pad >_< still trainin hard though wish more people who played came to cf once in a while

  24. not a prob. but if u can help me find a stick i would be so thanful cause i checked srk nothin gamestop said i had to wait a month and ebay kinda not sure

  25. Hey thnx for askin and I'm doin fine. I can do some jin combos and mixups but I'm still playin on 360 pad cause I don't have stick yet but workin on it.